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Daily Joke: A Duke Decides to Go Hunting

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 13, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a duke who went on a hunting trip only to have a fateful encounter with an aspiring young bowman.


One sunny day, a duke goes hunting with a party of loyal servants and men-at-arms for his protection. While they were searching for prey in the forest, the party came across an interesting tree.

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The tree was painted with archery targets, and someone had impressively shot an arrow right in the middle of each target. This amazing feat amazed the duke so much; he had to stop and admire the marksmanship.

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As a man of royal blood, the duke could tell quality when he saw it and immediately made it his goal to find the marksman. So instead of hunting for wild animals, the party began searching for the bowman.

After a short time had passed, they came upon a young boy in the forest. On a normal day, the duke might have passed the boy's path without a second glance; however, on that fateful day, his interest was piqued.


This was because the young boy had a bow and arrow in his possession. The Duke's interest in the boy grew once he admitted to being the mysterious bowman after being questioned by the hunting party.

However, the duke was skeptical about the boy's skills, so he asked him to answer honestly whether or not he shot the arrows into the targets or simply walked up to them before pushing the arrows in.


"No, my lord. I shot them from 100 paces," the boy replied before swearing on all that he held sacred and holy that he was telling the truth. Impressed by his conviction, the duke rewarded the boy with a place in his service.

However, this exuberant reward came with one condition. The Duke wished to learn from the young marksman how to shoot arrows as he did. The boy smiled proudly and said, "First, I fire the arrow at the tree, and then I paint the target around it."

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