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Daily Joke: A Talking Parrot Was Spoiling a Magician's Tricks

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 13, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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A magician repeated his tricks week in and week out because his audience changed, but the local parrot noticed what was happening. Read on to see the hilarious interaction between the two.


Jack was a magician on a cruise ship that sailed across the Mediterranian. He had a set of tricks which he repeated each week, something he could do because the passengers were new every time.

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What Jack didn't know was that his African Grey parrot, the type that could talk, was watching him from the wings and eventually caught on to how the tricks were playing out.

A colorful parrot. | Pexels/ Hans Martha


A few weeks into the season, Polly the African Grey started commenting as the magician's show went on. The audience was so intrigued with the talking parrot that they forgot about Jack.

Halfway through the show, Jack wouldn't have any tricks left because Polly spoiled all of them as she knew how they were being done.

A big colorful parrot sitting on the arm of a woman wearing a hat. | Pexels/ Luiz Fernando


Hopping out onto the stage, Polly would chime in as Jack was right in the heat of the moment about to carry out his trick and dissolve all of the suspense. She would say:

"Watch the hat! He is hiding the flowers under the table! The cards are up his sleeve!"

A yellow and blue parrot perched on a branch. | Pexels/ Julissa Helmuth


Defeated by his parrot's insistent remarks, Jack decided to develop an entirely new repertoire of tricks that Polly had never seen before. During the next show, Polly wanted to chime in before she realized she didn't know the trick.

Three shows into showing his audience these new tricks, Polly caught on to what he was up to and started her running commentary again, leaving Jack in the same position.

A magician holding up his cards. | Pexels/ Nikolay Ivanov


Halfway through the season, Jack and Polly were on stage preparing for the upcoming show when the sirens started howling from above them.

Both of them knew that it wasn't a good sign, and they fled to their stations to get onto one of the rescue boats. But, unfortunately, the entire ship sank, leaving Jack and Polly hanging onto their little dingy for dear life.

An African Gray perched on a branch. | Pexels/ Rutpratheep Nilpechr

They were in the middle of the ocean with no help in sight, leaving the magician and the parrot on the little boat for more than a week. Finally, tired, hungry, and sunburned, Polly looked to Jack and said:

"I give up. What did you do with the boat?"