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Bullies Humiliate the Man on a Wheelchair, His Brother Teaches Them a Lesson – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 13, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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A man in a wheelchair earned money by playing the violin in the park. After the hooligans began to humiliate and rob him every day, he turned for help to his big brother, who originally punished the bullies.


Jackson had dreamt of becoming a musician all his life. His passion for music first began when he heard the masterpieces of the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and many others.

He knew from that moment that he wanted to be capable of such greatness that rippled the world of music, but this time on a violin. The hopeful young man began his passion by first learning from his music teacher in high school, who played the same instrument.

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Because of his various performances around the city, Jackson was discovered and offered a full scholarship at the New England Conservatory of Music. Sadly, during one cliff diving trip with his fellow musicians, Jackson met an accident.

He and his friends challenged each other to take on higher cliffs each time they conquered one. Unfortunately, Jackson accidentally tripped on a rock during the hike to a higher ground that pushed him over the edges.

The talented musician safely got to the bottom of the cliff, but the impact on his back ruptured his spine that caused paralysis. He was never able to walk again and live normally.


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He took his physical therapy sessions religiously, which allowed him to be cleared for daily activities for as long as he was in a wheelchair. Each day, he was assisted by the maintenance staff from the conservatory to attend each class.


However, considering all the difficulty and the resources spent for his treatment, he could no longer pursue his dreams of joining a touring orchestra. Since then, Jackson returned home to the U.S. and used his skills to play music in the park.

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He became well-known in the area, and people anticipated the hours he would play during the day. In amazement of his skills, many dropped donations for the disabled musician. Then, one day, bullies came to the park and gave Jackson a difficult time.

The hoodlums demanded that Jackson give them his money for “using the park.” Jackson firmly refused, but this cost him a lot of humiliation as the bullies knocked him over his wheelchair. As they left, members of the crowd were quick to help Jackson.

Thinking it was all over, Jackson returned to the park the next day but was surprised to see that the bullies had returned. This time they poured their drinks all over Jackson and took his hard-earned money once again. The bullies threatened him never to return.


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Tired of all their antics, Jackson resolved the situation by turning to his older brother, Zed, a man with a passion for sports, especially wrestling and mixed martial arts. The protective older brother decided to pose as his brother in a wheelchair and made a trip to the park.


That afternoon, the bullies were quick to spot the disguised Zed. They immediately approached him, laughing at the fact that it was another disabled person they would pick on.

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As things began to escalate, Zed slowly stood up from the wheelchair to teach the boys a lesson. His move was met with punches and kicks, but the muscular athlete managed to knock them down, enough to keep them unconscious until the police arrived.

Zed sat in his brother’s wheelchair and quietly played the violin while three boys slept beside him. No one bothered to help the bullies as they all knew the boys were terrible people.

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