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Florida Post Office Customer Discovers a Huge Unwanted Visitor in the Building

Esther NJeri
Jun 14, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Residents of Florida’s Hernando County are in disbelief as one of their own finds a gigantic alligator in the post office. The reptile is said to have been roaming the lobby when the authorities came in.


The 7-foot alligator took a walk to the post office in the early hours of the morning and got into the lobby area. A patron who was bringing in mail spotted the reptile and called the authorities, who arrived as fast as they could.

The Spring Hill Post Office features automatic double doors that lead into the lobby that allows off-hour entry, and that is how the alligator was able to get into the building. A trapper was called in and safely removed the reptile.

The alligator at the Spring Hill Post Office | Source: facebook.com/HernandoSheriffsCountyOffice


In the wake of the incident, many people have gone on their social media to express disbelief. One Facebook user went to the comment section of the platform to say that it was only in Florida where this could happen.

Another user wondered what was going through the patron’s mind when he walked into the lobby and saw the beast. Yet another user made light of the situation, saying:

"I guess he had a package to mail!"

Alligator on a sand bank. | Source: Pixabay


Making fun of the situation, another comment read that the alligator must have been in the post office for a reason. Maybe he just needed some air conditioning, or just checking to see if his shipment had arrived.

Maybe insinuating that the nearest water body to the Spring Hill Post Office is all the way across a very busy road and a park, and readers wondered how the massive reptile had gotten there.

It took four of them to get it out.

Alligator in the water. | Source: Pixabay


In recent years. Florida has experienced increased encounters of the reptiles with humans due to people relocating to freshwater environments and coastal areas, disturbing their habitats.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises people to stay away from alligators that are as big as 4 feet or longer as they are a nuisance and can cause great harm. They said:

“They are deemed a threat to people, pets, and property.”

Alligator on a dock. | Source: Pixabay


While residents of Florida are worried about their safety, a man in Kansas City, Missouri has shocked people by keeping a 7-foot alligator in his home as a pet. Sean Casey named his alligator “Catfish”.

Casey says that people have a misconception of the reptiles and that they are not the ferocious animals people think they are. He says he is like a dog and just like with other pets, they too have personalities.

Alligator in tall grass. | Source: Pixabay

He got the reptile four years earlier and back then the reptile was only about 15 to 18 inches long. Besides keeping the 200-pound alligator, he also has a rabbit and three snakes.

James Donovan who was with KC Animal Control spoke after they removed the alligator from the home saying that the reptile was so huge it took four of them to get it out.