YouTube/FOX 13 Tampa Bay
YouTube/FOX 13 Tampa Bay

25-Year-Old Florida Man Lucky to Survive Attack from Alligator That Had Him in Its Mouth

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 08, 2021
03:40 A.M.

A man who resides in Florida luckily survived after getting pounced on by a wild animal. The Tampa driver was attacked by an Alligator during a drive along the Myakka River.


A Tampa driver was recently attacked by an Alligator during a drive along the Myakka River. The 25-year-old explained his experience of the attack in an interview after he got discharged from Sarasota Memorial Hospital, where he received treatment.

The driver, Jeffrey Heim, explained that the incident happened so fast, and he thought a propeller had hit him. The drive noted that he encountered the alligator while he was searching for shark teeth in Venice.

A photo of a large American alligator  | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a large American alligator | Photo: Shutterstock

Within seconds of entering the water, the alligator struck Heim and bit him on his head and arm, which resulted in a skull fracture. The Tampa driver, who hopes to one day turn his passion for marine life into a career, was thankful he didn't get killed.


Heim, who is a patron of marine life, admitted that he should have been more careful. Florida Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the mating season for alligators is within May and June, and it happens to be a time when they are more active and aggressive.

Mike McCoy, another Florida man saved Jake, his dog from the attack of a gator.

The Florida residents have a lot to be thankful for as he remembered the accident. Heim stated that the alligator had him inside its mouth, and he couldn't do anything to defend himself as he wasn't harmed.


The victim believed that the wild animal was about 9 feet long and likely a female protecting her eggs. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said a licensed trapper would locate the wild animal and remove it from the area.

Heim confirmed that throughout his time driving in the Florida water searching for prehistoric shark teeth, he has never encountered an alligator attack before.


Attacks caused by alligators are rare in Florida as the FWC is particularly concerned about public safety. They have seen that a statewide Nuisance Alligator Program is administered to address any form of complaints against alligator threats.

Mike McCoy, another Florida man, saved Jake, his dog, from the attack of a gator. McCoy was strolling near a pond behind Paul R. Smith middle school when an alligator jumped out of the pond and pulled Jack with it.


Superhero McCoy noted that he had previously read on my environment and gators, which helped him get a hand on the situation. He pulled it out of the water and held it down till it let the dog go.

Meanwhile, as the alligator couldn't get the dog, it decided to go for its owner. It attacked McCoy, but thankfully nothing serious happened as the dog and its owner only sustained mild injuries.

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