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'My 600-lb Life' Alum Joyce Del Viscovo Weighed 758lbs in the Show — Inside Her Life Now

Gaone Pule
Jun 11, 2021
04:20 P.M.
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Former TLC star Joyce Del Viscovo was morbidly obese when she first joined the hit reality show on a year-long intensive weight-loss program led by Dr. Now.


“My 600-Lb Life” alum Joyce Del Viscovo weighed 785 lbs in the show and was one of the largest patients to have been featured on the series.

She was introduced to the viewers in Season 8, Episode 7, as a Kansas native. Viscovo opened up about how her eating habits were affecting her family and friends.

Pictured - A screengrab from TLC's reality show "My 600-Lb Life" showing Joyce Del Viscovo sitting on the couch with a drip on | Source: Twitter/@TLC


“I know my family and my friend Dawn are all worried about me too, and they don’t think I’m gonna make it much longer,” she explained.

She admitted she dismissed indulging in small amounts of food and did not understand why it was so important, adding if they did not accept her lifestyle, she would advise them to leave instead.

Pictured - A screenshot of Joyce Del Viscovo's mother kissing her on the cheek | Source: Facebook/@joycemarie


Viscovo’s food addiction started when she was little after her parents got divorced. When she was eight years old, her mother left her in the care of her grandmother, who then fed Viscovo to keep her satisfied.

At only nine years old, she had reached 90 lbs, and when her mom returned and saw the state she was in, she then forced her to go on "abusive diets."

Pictured - A screenshot of Joyce Del Viscovo's mom wearing a floral purple blouse | Source: Facebook/@joycemarie


The now 44-year-old revealed in her introduction on the show and said, "I'm just a prisoner here doing nothing because of how big I've gotten, and my weight makes it so hard for me to breathe."

Viscovo shared she had to use oxygen most of the time. She also had to pay Dawn to do everything for her throughout the treatment. As a result, both Dawn and her mother were significant players in her recovery process.

Pictured - A screengrab of Joyce Del Viscovo laughing with friends | Source: Facebook/@joycemarie


The former reality star was a controversial figure on the show and was often combative with Dr. Now, making excuses for her weight issues. She blamed Dr. Now’s program for her failures.

Viscovo dropped out of the program before the 12 months were up and lost a total of 134 pounds in the end. However, she started gaining more weight during her follow-up weigh-ins. The last weigh-in she had before she left from Dr. Now’s care was 611.

Pictured - A screengrab headshot of the mother with the words "I love my mom" on it | Source: Facebook/@joycemarie


A clip from Twitter shows Viscovo’s introduction on the show with her saying she gets agitated with her caretakers and said she wishes they would “just shut up and give her the food."

The video shows Viscovo's mom also tearing up and shared when she sees her daughter eating large amounts of food, she gets livid while admitting she lives in fear of her child's life.

Viscovo posted a sweet photo of her and her mom on Facebook four years ago in 2016, which shows her parent kissing her on the cheek.


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