Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Shahan/CC BY 2.0
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Shahan/CC BY 2.0

Daily Joke: Man Sees a Monkey on a Manhole

Laura Beatham
Jun 15, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are about a few monkeys who got themselves into a few hilarious situations that monkeys should not find themselves in.



One man was walking down the street when he saw a monkey jumping on a manhole and shouting. It was shouting so loud that the man could not leave without paying it any attention.

So he came closer to see what's happening. While he was approaching the animal, it suddenly started repeating the noise, "Forty-two, forty-two, forty-two." The man tried to ask the monkey why he was repeating the number.

The introduction of the joke. | Photo: AmoMama


The monkey did not respond to the man. So the man decided to do what the monkey had done. He started jumping on the manhole and repeated the same phrase the monkey had said.

However, on the man's last jump, the monkey pulled the manhole cover away, and the man fell into the sewerage. The monkey closed the hole, continued jumping, and said, "Forty-three, forth-three, forty-three."

A monkey sitting in front of a green background. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Thomas Shahan/CC BY 2.0



A police officer came across a terrible car wreck, where the driver and the passengers were all killed. While surveying the wreck, a monkey came out of a bush and hopped around the car crash.

The police officer said to the monkey, "I wish you could talk so you could tell me what happened here." The monkey looked at the police officer and shook his head up and down.

Close up of a police vehicles lights. | Photo: Pixabay/fsHH


The police officer, "Wait, you can understand me?" The money nodded his head. The officer then asked, 'Did you see what happened here?" Again, the monkey nodded his head and pretended to hold a can and drink from it.

The police officer asked, "Ah, was the driver drunk?" The monkey nodded his head, and pinched his fingers together, and held them to his mouth. The police officer responded, "Were they smoking marijuana?"

A monkey. | Photo: Pixabay/Schwoaze


The monkey nodded again. The police officer asked, "Were they your owners?" The monkey again nodded his head. He asked the monkey, "So you are saying your owners were drinking and smoking before the crash?"

The monkey nodded. The police officer responded and said, "You poor thing, what were you doing while this happened?" The monkey then gestured that he was driving.