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Daily Joke: Four Workers Were Discussing How Smart Their Dogs Were

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 16, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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The following joke is about four men on their lunch break trying to figure out which of their dogs was the smartest of all. Read on so you can decide for yourself!


Four men were sitting together having lunch at work when their discussion moved on to which of their dogs was the smartest. The engineer went first to talk about his dog, “T-Square.”

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He called the canine over and revealed to his colleagues that the pet could do mathematics calculations. The engineer told the dog to get a paper and draw a triangle, a square, and a circle.

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T-Square jumped to action and did his task with no problem. The accountant was next, as he shared with the other men that he thought his dog, “Slide Rule,” was way smarter than T-Square.

He instructed the dog to fetch a dozen cookies from the office’s kitchen. The accountant told the pet to divide them into three piles in front of them, and the dog did that easily.

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The chemist acknowledged that the first two men’s pets were pretty good, but he still felt his dog was even better. He told “Measure” to go and get a quart of milk from the kitchen’s fridge.

When the canine came back with the milk, the chemist told him to pour exactly seven ounces into a ten-ounce glass. Measure performed his task with no hassles and without even spilling one drop.

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The engineer, accountant, and the other man couldn’t deny that Measure was very skilled and quite smart. They even clapped for the dog, who took a bow as he lapped up the well-deserved praise.

The three men had to agree that their pets were equally smart. However, there was one more person left, and he was a union member who hadn’t spoken up as yet.

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They asked the union member what his dog could do. The man settled himself into his chair and called over “Coffee Break” before instructing the pet to show the other men what he could do.

Coffee Break walked slowly to the cookies and ate them before he started drinking all the milk. The dog didn’t leave anything behind in the milk bottle or the container where Measure had transferred the milk.

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Then he relieved himself on the paper that T-Square had brought over. Suddenly, the dog started whining and complained that he’d hurt his fragile back while bent over eating the cookies.

He quickly managed to file an unsafe working conditions grievance before applying for Workmen’s Compensation. Coffee Break’s last act was to leave for home on sick leave!

Source: Total Humour.