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Daily Joke: Dog Challenges Cowboy to a Fight in a Bar

Joe Akins
Jun 17, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A dog happily strolled into a bar and ordered a drink before confidently challenging a cowboy with a six-shooter to a fight.


A dog walked into a bar in the hopes of gulping down a few shots. For him, today was a good day, and a good day never goes by without celebration.

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As the animal entered the bar, he looked left and right, then headed straight to the bartender, wagging his tail and shaking his head.

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When the dog settled down, one of the bar's regular customers, a cowboy with a six-shooter, looked at the creature disgustingly and blurted:

"I don't want to drink at the same bar as a dog!"

Black and white picture of a busy bar. | Photo: Pexels/ Pixabay


The animal was offended by the comment, so he challenged the customer to a fight. This display of confidence seemed amazing to the man who took his time to look at the dog before dismissing the challenge.

This did not stop the animal from pressing on. All he wanted was to show this human how tactical and impressive he could be.

A cowboy looking confused as he looks around with a horse close by | Photo: Pixabay


After an hour-long persuasive speech, the cowboy gave in to the fight invite. Immediately, he pulled out a gun from his holster and aimed at the dog's foot.

The creature let out a loud cry due to the injury's excruciating pain before hopping on the other foot towards the door of the bar.

A man looking behind him in a bar. | Photo: Shutterstock


Having suffered defeat, he disappeared into the dark streets, leaving the customer to drink to his victory. Seven days later, the same dog walked into the bar sporting an all-black ensemble.

From his hat to his vest, chaps, shoes, gun belt, bandage holding his sore foot, and a pair of black Colt 45's, it was certain he was well prepared for a fight.

A shadowy image of a cowboy riding off in the sunset on his horse | Photo: Pixabay

He climbed the countertop to the bartender's surprise, and with his face to the bar's patrons, he screamed: "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw!"

Source: Reddit.


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