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7-Year-Old Boy Dies after Being Attacked by Dogs While Walking in the Neighborhood with Brother

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 16, 2021
02:50 P.M.
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A 7-year-old kid died after some dogs mutilated him. The kid was taking a stroll down a Neighbourhood with his brother when the dogs attacked.


The official Facebook page of the Marion County Sheriff's Office recently shared a statement regarding a deadly dog attack. 7-year-old Shamar Jackson was killed by some dogs in his Neighbourhood while on a stroll with his brother.

While the dogs surrounded Shamar and attacked him, his brother was able to escape. The South Carolina Sheriff's Office update revealed that investigations are still on, and the search for the dogs and their possible owners continues.

Marion County Sheriff deputies help park vehicles at the Harney County Fairgrounds on January 6, 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


Following the report, the victim's father, Carnell Jackson, said the boys could not get away because the dogs surrounded them from different directions. He also claimed that authorities had denied his wife from having any contact with her deceased child.

The father wasn't fine with the arrangement, but the police needed to investigate the case first. As investigations proceed, the Marion County Sheriff's Office noted that they had captured five dogs, but sadly this move has not yielded any information.


Another report showed that a 13-month-old baby was killed by two of the family's Rottweilers.

Officials urged viewers to support the victim's family with the funeral funds through an account established for people willing to donate. Donations can be made at any location of Anderson Brothers Bank.


Records also showed that the 7-year-old victim was an intelligent kid. His school report revealed that was a straight-A student who recently completed first grade at Lake View Elementary.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office statement on social media didn't indicate if any suspect had been found. As the search continues, the department is working with the coroner and animal control to get the attackers and their owner.


Fletcher Estes, animal control officer for the state, mentioned that efforts have been made to locate and apprehend five dogs and a puppy in a building around Cleobury Road. Although, it has not been confirmed that the captured dogs are the attackers.

Some pets still need proper training and monitoring, as another report showed that a 13-month-old baby was killed by two of the family's Rottweilers. Records revealed that the dogs attacked the baby after his father step out for few minutes.


The incident occurred after the child's father left the baby unattended inside the family's building to move a sprinkler in the yard. The baby was killed in Willow Spring, North Carolina.

Officials noted that the kid's father immediately alerted authorities when he discovered what transpired during his absence. Emergency crews tried resuscitation procedures on the baby but to no avail. The kid was later declared dead at the scene.


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