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Daily Joke: 3 Men Lived on the 45th Floor

Lois Oladejo
Jun 18, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Three men stayed on the 45th floor of a hotel and were given a warning about the elevator. Soon enough, they were hit with a dilemma. Here's how they went about it.


Three men booked a hotel room and were given a room on the 45th floor. However, the administrator warned them about the time-lapse of the hotel.

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He let them know that the elevator only worked until 12 pm. The men acknowledged this and dropped their belongings in the room. After a while, they decided to go out.

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The trio went to a restaurant where they enjoyed some leisure time. After some hours, they decided to return to their hotel room. However, by the time they got there, it was past 12 pm.

The elevator had also stopped working. The men were glad to have each other as they decided to take the staircase all the way to the 45th floor.

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The three men decided to tell jokes, scary stories and sing some songs to liven things up. The first man began with some good jokes that received laughter and some applause.

The next guy sang beautifully, belting some songs and gathering approval, and by this time, they had gotten to the 30th floor. When it became the turn of the last man, he turned to the other two and said:

"Get ready to hear the most scariest thing that you ever heard. We forgot our keys at the reception."

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Here's a second joke about a certain Mrs. Simpson who was stuck in an overcrowded elevator with her husband. It was pretty uncomfortable as everyone pressed against each other.

However, Mrs. Simpson was not pleased that her spouse was pressed up against a stunning blonde, and she could also see the delight dancing in his eyes.

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This went on for a while until the elevator opened on the main floor. While everyone filed out, the blonde sharply turned and slapped Mr.Simpson across the face.

She said to him, "That will teach you to pinch!" Mr. Simpson was shocked about what happened as she turned to his wife, letting her know he did not pinch the blonde. She replied, "Of course you didn't. I did."

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