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Policeman Wins the Internet after Helping Two Sisters Change a Flat Tire by the Roadside

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 21, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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Not all heroes wear capes. A good example of a superman is the police officer, whose valiant actions have won the hearts of millions. The good samaritan stopped to help some stranded ladies fix their flat tires.


Police officers are not only the defenders of justice but also people with big hearts. The actions of a particular officer have gone viral on the internet, bringing honor to the sacred badge.

The patrol officer came to the rescue of young ladies who were stranded by the roadside. The cop, identified as Jon Beckerleg, went the extra mile to ensure that these girls made it home safely.

Police officer on duty on a city centre street during special event | Photo: Shutterstock


Instead of calling for a tow truck, Beckerleg got down from his motorcycle to help the ladies. The cop discovered a spare tire in the car's boot, which he used to replace the flat one.

The good samaritan also gave the ladies a special service. While he was changing the tire, the officer thoroughly explained the process. This was to ensure the girls would be prepared for a similar situation.


The best way the girls could repay Beckerleg's kind actions was to make him an internet sensation. One of the girls, whose name is Alanna, shared the video of their encounter with the officer on her TikTok channel.

Last year there was a heroic police story that involved the birth of a baby girl.


The grateful young lady revealed to sources that she and her companions truly appreciated the officer's efforts. She stated that the group hadn't been stranded for long before Beckerleg came to their rescue.

The officer also ensured they were ready to go before driving off. According to sources, the TikTok video has been viewed over 100,000 times. It has also received numerous comments applauding the officer's actions.


Another heroic officer made headlines earlier this year. Deputy Jon Holt singlehandedly saved a woman from being crushed by her car. This unbelievable incident occurred on May 7 in Gloucester County, Virginia.

The video footage released by authorities showed Holt arriving at the accident scene. Upon seeing the severity of the situation, the officer immediately sprung into action. He coaxed the child in the backseat out of the car before lifting the vehicle off the driver.


Last year there was a heroic police story that involved the birth of a baby girl. Two Southern California police officers, Daniel Romero and Steven Reed, responded to a 911 call about a woman in labor by the roadside.

This surprising event occurred in June 2020, and the ordeal was captured by the cameras worn by Romero and Reed. The officers arrived at the scene to assist Jesus Cedillo and his wife, Gemia, deliver their daughter Aria.