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Mother Tries to Seduce Her Daughter's Boyfriend, Karma Punishes Her Strongly – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 28, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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The adult woman really liked her daughter's boyfriend and she decided to seduce him. Almost immediately, karma reached her.


When Ryan met Chloe, he was instantly attracted to her independence and dedication to becoming successful in her career. After a year of dating, the couple moved into a high-rise condominium unit in New York and motivated each other to be the best.

With their busy schedules, Chloe and Ryan seldom went home to their parents and instead used video calls to keep in touch. Two weeks ago, Chloe's mother, Eve, visited New York for a business trip and stayed in the couple's home.

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Eve was a beautiful and single woman who raised Chloe on her own. Her stay also marked the first time she met Ryan. As such, Chloe prepared a lovely dinner for them to have during Eve's first night.

Chloe didn't have the best relationship with her mother growing up, as Eve was always out of the house, attending parties and meeting new people. Although she never married another man, she would bring home dates every now and then.

Their dinner went well, and Eve got along with Ryan. After eating, she pulled her daughter aside and said, "You chose a good man. He seems genuinely in love with you, and he is really handsome. I like him."


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But little did Chloe know that her mom liked Ryan the same way her daughter did. During her stay in New York, Eve lived in the couple's guest room and was given a spare key to the unit.


Chloe and Ryan were out during the day but would see Eve at night. On the third night, Chloe had to stay later than usual at work, leaving her mother and boyfriend alone in the condo. While Ryan thought it would be fine, Eve had something different in mind.

When he got home, Eve asked Ryan to have dinner and wine to get to know each other more. But as the night went on, she became more touchy towards him and would speak at a close distance.

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Eve would place her hand on Ryan's thigh while drinking, putting him in an awkward position. Initially, Ryan thought that it was the alcohol that promoted Eve's behavior, so he decided to let it slide and not tell Chloe.

However, Eve's actions only worsened as days passed. Suddenly, while her daughter was not in the room, Eve would excessively compliment Ryan and hold his arms tightly. During dinners together, she would wink at him when Chloe wasn't looking.

Ryan felt awkward and wanted to tell Chloe what was happening, but as he was about to, she said, "I'm so happy my mom and I are on great terms right now and that she likes you."


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Instead, he kept things to himself and tried to avoid the woman. "It's only a few days more," he thought to himself. Three days before her departure, Chloe asked Ryan to take care of her mom while working late.


Although he hesitated, Ryan agreed to his girlfriend's request. While at home, Ryan talked to Eve about being uncomfortable around her. He claimed that she was too touchy and over complimented him.

Eve then apologized for her actions and excused herself to get ready and have a shower. Naturally, Ryan accepted the apology and watched television in the living room while waiting for Eve to have dinner together.

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Within minutes, Eve walked out of her room with nothing on and proceeded to the kitchen. She expected to see Ryan cooking, but instead, her daughter stood before her and screamed from shock. "Mom! What the hell are you doing?" Chloe exclaimed.

It turned out that Chloe made it home early for dinner and helped her husband and the kitchen. While waiting for Eve, Ryan told his girlfriend about the talk with his mom, but she refused to believe it, thinking he was exaggerating things.

After Eve's exposure, Chloe packed her mom's things and kicked her out of the unit. Ultimately, Eve felt embarrassed and apologized, but her daughter refused to accept it.


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