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Poorly Dressed Old Woman Goes Inside an Expensive Boutique and Does Not Get What She Hoped for – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 23, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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The poor old woman went into an expensive boutique because she was looking for clothes for her granddaughter's wedding. People around looked at her and whispered. Then something happened that the poor woman did not expect at all.


Janet, a 75-year old lady, anxiously went to the mall after receiving news that her granddaughter would finally get married. It had been years since they last saw each other, and receiving the invite brought her excitement.

The event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and she wanted to look nothing but beautiful for her granddaughter’s special day. However, as someone who did not know much about formal wear or fashion, the woman opted to get the assistance of a staff.

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Unaware of the designers’ names, Janet entered one of the most prestigious bespoke wedding dress shops. As someone who sported simple clothing, she immediately received a judgment from the other shoppers in the store.

Sales clerks began to whisper about her, unsure whether she could even afford the dresses there. Nevertheless, Janet went on with her day and started picking out the pieces she thought suited her.

“Dear, could you please pick me up these pieces so I could try them on?” asked Janet of the clerk. She also pointed at various jewelry pieces and footwear, unaware that everything in the store held enormous price tags.


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While inside the fitting area, store clerks began to gossip about how Janet could afford the clothes. “I mean, look at her clothes, how could she possibly think she could afford a place like this,” said one.


“I think we should call security. I don’t think this person knows where she is,” another said laughingly—one of the customers shopping close by overheard the gossip going on.

She could not help but overhear the insults and comments that the staff had for the older woman. As soon as Janet got out of the fitting area, she went to the counter to pay.

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The senior was shocked to realize that the items she had picked out were worth thousands. “I am so sorry for this. I might have been mistaken, but I do not have enough money for these items,” admitted the embarrassed grandmother.

Members of the staff rolled their eyes as they swiftly returned the clothes to the racks in an upset manner. Before things could settle, the other woman shopping was quick to react. She said:

“Where are you all taking those items? She’s with me! Please process them.”

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The staff was confused, not knowing who the woman was that randomly paid for all the pieces. Janet was just as shocked, not expecting someone to come to her rescue.

As they walked out of the designer shop, Janet quickly asked the woman for her details as she wished to pay her for all the trouble. The woman denied her offer and said that it was a gift. Janet asked:

“But why would you give a gift to someone like me? You don’t even know who I am.”

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“I may not know you personally, madam. But it feels like I do. You remind me so much of my mother, and that store was one of her favorite places,” politely answered the younger lady.

The two sat by a close bench before parting ways. The generous lady had the chance to talk about her late mother and how gifting Janet made her feel like it was a way to connect with her once again.

What can we learn from this story?

We should not judge people by what they look like

Instead of gossiping about others, help them


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