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California Triplets Are Pregnant At the Same Time & Preparing for Childbirth Together

Lois Oladejo
Jun 24, 2021
03:00 A.M.
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A set of triplets from California have announced that they got pregnant at the same time. In a recent interview, the trio relived their joint pregnancy journey.


Gina, Nina, and Victoria are triplets who were born four minutes apart, and now they are enjoying the journey to motherhood together. The trio gave a recent update on how pregnancy has been.

Gina is the oldest of the triplets, and Victoria is the youngest. While Gina is expecting a baby girl, Victoria and Nina are becoming moms to male children. Gina wants to name her daughter Leighton Grace.

Pregnant woman holding her tummy | Photo: Pexels


Nina and Victoria plan to name their sons Hendrix Paul and Zaden Seth. Victoria recalled that after they knew Nina was pregnant, they encouraged Gina to try motherhood as well.

The Orange County natives are expected to give birth to their children consecutively. The pair are said to be due in July, August, and November and have been making memories by preparing for maternity.


The sisters also have the same OBGYN. Dr. Daniel Sternfield would be delivering their babies at The Women's Hospital at Memorial Care Saddleback Medical in Laguna Hills.

Dr. Sternfield talked about the expectant triplets, making it known that one interesting thing was how their prenatal appointments fell on the same days.

The women happily revealed that they were thrilled about the coincidence.


Last year, identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane Salyers made it to news headlines as the pair who are married to identical brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers became pregnant at the same time.

The beautiful couples took to Instagram, where they announced that they were expecting babies. The pairs shared a lovely Bay Watch-themed snapshot as they tagged it, "Baby watch."


While the twin brothers wore matching lifeguard outfits, the ladies dressed in bright red one-piece swimsuits. The excited couples informed internet users in the caption that their kids would be cousins and "genetic siblings."

The twin couples first became famous after their weddings were featured on TLC's "Twinsane Wedding." They presently live under the same roof and often step out in matching outfits.


Josh and Jeremy first met Brittany and Briana at the 2018 Twins Day in Twinsburg, Ohio, and in less than a year, wedding bells rang. The brothers proposed to the sisters at the Twin Lake in Virginia.

Identical twin sisters Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers showed that distance could not set them apart as the pair gave birth to their children at the same time on the same day.

While Mariuz resides in California, Rodgers lives in Colorado. However, the pair seemed to be in sync when they welcomed their bundles of joy. The women happily revealed that they were thrilled about the coincidence.