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Rich Boy Bullies Homeless Veteran, Karma Hits Him Back Immediately – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 29, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Young Nick always flaunted his father’s wealth in school and made fun of a homeless veteran in front of his friends. Soon, his father’s company went bankrupt, and every one left his side.


A thirteen-year-old boy, Nick, was the son of a wealthy factory owner, Mr. Jones. He was one of the cool boys in his school and always treated his friends out after class. However, Nick had a terrible attitude and saw himself above others.

Every day after school, Nick would make fun of a homeless veteran to look cool in front of his friends, thinking that putting someone beneath himself would make him of higher regard.

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“Mr. homeless veteran,” he would say while making a salute. “You, dear sir, are a disgrace to our neighborhood.” All of his friends would laugh as they walked past the man.

On other days, Nick would tell his friends to look at the man. “It’s him again, guys! Always miserable and begging for table scraps -- like a dog!” Although with a big chunk of allowance, Nick never bothered to help the man and instead flaunted his father’s wealth.


But one day, another factory making the same product at a cheaper cost opened nearby and stole all of Mr. Jones’ customers. Soon Mr. Jones’ factory went bankrupt and closed down.

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Everyone in town heard about the bankruptcy, but Nick refused to believe it. With all the money gone, Nick’s father could no longer give him money, so he started to lose all his friends.

To cheer up their only son, Mrs. and Mr. Jones found a way to get Nick the brand new phone he wanted for his birthday. It was pretty expensive, but still, they found a way to pay for the gift.

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Nick tried to win back his friends by showing off his new phone, until one day when he came to school, he noticed that the phone was missing. Nick was devastated, thinking that somebody stole his phone.


His old friends started laughing at him because he could no longer show anything off. That day at lunchtime, Nick sat alone in the cafeteria before transferring to the bathroom cubicle to cry.

The young boy realized that the other students only befriended him for his father’s money, and now that he could no longer treat them out, they quickly left his side.

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When Nick came home from school, he saw the homeless veteran sitting on their dining table and having a meal with his mother. With anger, he asked his mom:

“Mom, why did you bring him here? Why would you bring a dirty hobo into our house?”


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Mrs. Jones immediately reprimanded her son. “Mind your manners, Nick,” she said. “This man right here found your phone.” The veteran explained that he found the phone on the street and saw Nick’s selfie on the screen.

He immediately recognized the boy and knew where he lived, so he came to return the phone. Nick was so happy and apologized for all the bad things he did to the man.

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