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Brother Teaches Lesson to a Man Who Nastily Joked about His Little Sister – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 29, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Young man constantly nastily jokes his friend's girlfriend, who can't protect her. One day the girl's brother noticed this and taught the joker a lesson.


As a high school student, Trixie often went to different parties and met new people. Although always compared to her beautiful cheerleader friends, she was one of the popular kids in her school.

Being a little chubby, the boys would sometimes tease her in a friendly way. While Trixie laughed and smiled, their words hurt her more than anything. They made Trixie have low self-esteem and feel insecure.

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At home, Trixie was the star of her family. Being a straight-A student, her mom and stepdad always talked about how they raised the girl well. Her older half-brother, Johnathan, was also proud of Trixie and claimed college would make her shine brighter.

Every day, Trixie would go to school feeling insecure, despite being among the cool kids. One boy, Ethan, specifically jokingly picked on her weight from time to time, as he did with all other people in school.

Trixie tried her best to stay away from Ethan, but sometimes, it could not be avoided since he was the boyfriend of Trixie’s close friend. One lunch break, she and Ethan, together with four other friends, looked for a place to sit at the cafeteria.


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While looking for a table with enough chairs, Ethan started counting how many seats they needed. “Okay, one, two, three, four, me -- five, six and seven -- Trixie. We need seven seats,” he joked.

While Trixie just laughed along, she could not help but feel embarrassed in front of her friends. She realized that being around cheerleaders and athletic girls meant she needed to look good.

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So one evening, during a college house party that they were invited to, Trixie decided to go for more makeup and a bit of revealing clothing. It was quite new to her since the teen rarely wore heavy makeup and revealing clothing.

At the party, all the girls complimented Trixie and claimed she looked beautiful. Naturally, Trixie was flattered and gained more confidence throughout the evening.


Like any other teen, Trixie enjoyed the night and had a tad bit too much alcohol. While already tipsy, Trixie accidentally tripped on a wire and fell. Her friends were quick to help her up, and as always, Ethan was there to make fun of her.

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“Woah there, Trixie. I thought there was an earthquake,” he said while laughing. “Careful, you might crush some innocent girl.” One of Trixie’s friends just told her not to mind Ethan and fixed the poor girl’s clothing.

But one tall and muscular man from the crowd went up to Ethan and grabbed him by the collar. “Were you making fun of her?” he said -- it was Jonathan. In an interesting turn of events, he too was invited to the college party.


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Immediately, while shaking, Ethan replied, “No, no, sir. I wasn’t.” Angry, Jonathan said, “If I ever, even just once, hear you make fun of my little sister, I will make sure you won’t walk again. Understand?”

Ethan nodded in fear and apologized to Trixie. Since then, he hasn’t said anything mean to anyone. Meanwhile, Trixie became more involved in sports and lost all the extra pounds.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t make fun of other people for their weight

Family will always stick up for each other


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