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Daily Joke: Three Bulls Were Hanging around the Farm Yard

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 03, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Three bulls were standing around the farm yard one day talking about how the farmer had just bought a new bull. Read on to see the hilarious outcome after the new bull arrived.


Three of farmer John's bulls were standing at the edge of the paddock near the fence, discussing their owner's purchase of another bull that would be joining them soon.

Daily Joke.


The first bull, which is the biggest and strongest of all of them, shared that the new bull better know his place when he arrives on the farm, saying:

"He better not think he can stroll onto this farm and take any of my 500 cows. He's got a thing coming if he even looks at them with the wrong intention."

A bull. | Photo: Pexels


The other two bulls nodded and agreed as they kept an eye on the road for the truck carrying the new bull to come their way. The second bull, who was not quite as large as the first one, also said:

"I agree with you buddy, my 250 cows are mine and that new boy better think twice before challenging me when it comes to them."

The other two bulls snorted and shook their head in agreeance, still keeping their eyes peeled on the road to see if the truck was arriving yet.

A group of bulls. | Photo: Pexels


The third bull, who also happened to be the youngest and lightest of the three, also said that even though he only had 10 cows, he would fight tooth and nail to keep them.

A few moments later, the truck came rolling down the road, and the bulls noticed that the back of the truck was slanted downwards as if it was carrying something extremely heavy.

A bull. | Photo: Pexels


The bulls started to pace back and forth, waiting for their new competition to make his way off the truck so that they could see what they were dealing with.

Lo and behold, a massive bull, weighing more than 4000 pounds, climbed down the ramp with the planks beneath him, heaving under his hefty body.

A bull. | Photo: Pexels

The youngest bull started snorting and pawing the ground, and the other two bulls looked at him as if he were crazy. Finally, the one told him to give up his ten cows so that he could spare his life and the young bull replied:

"I don't care about those 10 cows, I just want to make sure the guy knows I'm a bull!"