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Daily Joke: Four Guys Were at a Deer Camp

Joe Akins
Jun 27, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Four friends visited a deer camp and were paired in twos to share a room. Hesitant to share a room with their friend who snored badly, they decided to take turns.


Four guys visited a deer camp and had to be divided into twos to share two rooms. None of the guys wanted to share a room with Daryl because he was a terrible snorer.

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After some moments of thought, the guys decided to take turns to spend the night with Daryl because it was unfair to subject just one person to such torture.

That night, the first guy shared the cabin with Daryl. The next morning, he came down for breakfast looking tired, unkempt, and had bloodshot eyes.

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Surprised, the other two guys asked their tattered friend what had happened the previous night. The guy explained to his friends that Daryl snored so loudly. He just had to sit up and watch him throughout the night.

The second night approached, and it was the second guy's turn. As expected, he came down for breakfast the next morning with unkempt hair and bloodshot eyes.

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The two other friends exclaimed that the second guy looked terrible and asked what went down during the night. The guy replied that Daryl shook the roof with his continuous snoring. He could not do anything but sit up all night and watch him.

That night, it was the third guy Rich's turn to face the tune and sleep in the same room with Daryl. He was a big and well-built football player, probably "a man's man."

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The next morning, Rich came down for breakfast, looking properly rested with bright eyes. Shocked, the two other guys could not believe their friend looked well and was wide awake.

In amazement, they asked him what had happened. Replying to his friends, Rich noted that they got ready to sleep, and he tucked Daryl into the bed.

Next, he patted his friend's behind and kissed him goodnight. Finally, Rich explained that Daryl sat up all night and watched him.

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