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Daily Joke: Man Deals with His Pet Parrot's Bad Behavior

Laura Beatham
Jul 04, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Parrots are brilliant animals and can make perfect pets. Today's jokes highlight some impressive birds who landed themselves in hilarious situations.



Photo: AmoMama

Gregory received a parrot for his birthday and was immediately excited to teach it how to speak and do different tricks. However, the bird had plans of his own as he started blurting out all kinds of curse words and rude phrases.


Gregory tried everything he could to stop his parrot from saying the expletive words. He shouted polite words at it, played the bird calming music, but nothing worked. The more Gergory tried, the worse the parrot got.

A beautiful parrot in a cage. | Photo: Pixabay/InspiredImages


One day, in a moment of desperation, after the parrot had said some hateful things to Gregory's friends, the bird owner grabbed the unsuspecting bird and put him in the freezer. The parrot squawked and kicked for a few minutes, but then everything went silent.

Gregory did not want to kill the poor bird, so he quickly opened the freezer and got the bird out. The parrot was freezing, but fortunately, it was still alive.


After the parrot had a moment to warm up, he looked up at his owner and said, "I'm sorry that I offended you with my language and actions. I ask for your forgiveness. I will try to check my behavior."

Gregory was shocked that the parrot's attitude had changed so dramatically. He wanted to ask what had caused the parrot to change, but before he could, the parrot said, "I have to ask though, what did the chicken do?"



A man was eager to own a parrot so he visited a local pet store. He went up to the sales assistant and asked how much the red parrot was. The sales assistant said, "$500." The customer was shocked, "Why is that bird so expensive?"

"He knows how to use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint." The customer then asked how much the green parrot was, and so the sales assistant said, "That one is $1000 because he knows Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and programming."

The customer was amazed, so he asked how much the parrot that was sleeping cost. The sales assistant then said, "Well, that I don't know. I have not seen him do anything, but the red and green parrot call him boss."


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