Spoiled Rich Boy Tries to Seduce and Set the Poor Maid up, She Teaches Him a Lesson – Subscriber Story

Camila Santiago
Jul 01, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Charlie is a spoiled rich boy who is used to getting what he wants. So when Sophie, the family's maid, says no to him, he sets something up for her… But he didn't expect that she would turn the story around and teach him a lesson.


Sophie is an immigrant in England and has been working for the White family for years. She arrived in London ten years ago, and the Whites embraced her and treated her like family.

Charlie is the only son and grown up in West Brompton, one of London's highest value areas. His upbringing was quite different from his family back in Russia.

The boy is used to getting what he wants. So when someone says no to him, he doesn't accept it as a final answer. Sophie was one of them. That's how the story begins.

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Do you know the feeling when someone is spying on you? That's how Sophie felt every day since Charlie started stalking her while she did the house chores.

She was dusting off the furniture when she sensed his presence. "Mr. White, ehm…" says Sophie, "I didn't know you were here. I can finish it later."

"Nonsense!" Charlie promptly replied. "Finish it now. I'll enjoy watching you…" he added, staring at her.

"I'm leaving. It's time to cook dinner."

As she walks away, Charlie grabs her arms and says in an arrogant tone, "You know what I need, honey. Right? Stay and finish cleaning," he continued as she tried to leave.


"I finished cleaning, Mr. White…"

"You know I'm used to getting what I want. Today, you do me a favor, and tomorrow I do you a favor. You'll like it, babe." Charlie leans towards Sophie to kiss her, but the maid slaps him on his face: "I said no!"

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"Hmm, it smells good! I'll set the plates myself!" Mrs. White enters the kitchen, excited. "Where's Charlie?" she asks Sophie.

"He is in his room…" Sophie changes her countenance but continues. "Julie, I'd like to talk to you about Charlie...."

Before she finishes her sentence, the door opens. "I'm home, honey." Mr. White goes straight to his room to check the safe. He doesn't check it often, but today on the way home, he got this feeling… this nagging feeling. "I've got to check it today," he thought.

Mr. White can't believe what he sees. He falls to his knees and desperation takes over. "Darling? Darling, what happened? Are you okay? Robert, are you sick? Is that your parents? Robert, tell me, tell me!" Julie asks in a panic.


"Game is up, Julie." says the man, "The money is gone."

"Oh gosh." Julie screams to Sophie, "Sophie, call the police!"

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Mr. White says, "There's no need for that, Sophie, thank you." He turns to Julie, "Stop panicking, woman! I haven't paid tax on this money. It's illegal!" He continues, "The money was in the safe; there are no strangers in the house, except…." He stares at the door, where Sophie stands. "We have to call the police."

Sophie goes to her room and sees a black bag on the bed. She opens it and there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in there. She knows who did it.

"Mr. White, Julie! I went to my room and here is what I found there."

The couple opens the bag. "How did the money get into your bag?"


"I don't know…"

"Did you take it?"

"What?! No!"

"Don't lie! You could've asked…"

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"Mr. White, I'd never…"

Mr. White interrupts her. "How else could they have gotten to you?"

Julie is shocked. "I can't believe it, Sophie. For so many years, we lived under the same roof… You're like a family member to us!"

"Julie," says the man, "check the jewelry, necklaces, golden rings, everything! And you," he turns to Sophie, "pack your things and get out of here! Before you leave, I'll check your bags. If you try to deceive me, you'll go to jail, got it? And you won't work in the city anymore! You dirty liar, get out!"

Sophie goes to her room, desolated. Charlie follows her. "Well, well, you know now what happens when you say no to me."


"You won," she says.

"No, no. You know what I need," he touches her cheeks. "There's no victory without love."

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"Okay, you won. But I have one request, Mr. White. Your father fired me and took the money, now I have no place to go, no money. I need to pay rent, eat...."

"You're definitely not stupid, Sophie. So, you want money?"

"A favor for a favor. This is what you promised, right?"

"Yes I did," says Charlie. "And I keep my word." He takes a black dress from her wardrobe. "I'll pay. Be ready when I come. Put this dress on tomorrow."

"No, Mr. White. We need it now." Sophie finds the courage to play his game. "Your father will kick me out today. What will I do? You're inventive, Mr. White. You got the money once, right?"


Charlie agrees, reluctant. "All right, baby. All right." And he leaves the room.

Charlie goes to his parent's room, straight to the safe. As he enters the password, Mr. White opens the door.

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"Hey, dad! I can explain everything!" he continues, nervously, "It's Sophie! She talked me into it! She said she needs the money! She threatened me, dad!"

Julie walks behind Robert. "How could you, Charlie? Robert, don't be silent, say something!"

"Come on, Dad, it's not my fault!" he points to Sophie, "It's all because of her, because of her!"

Sophie speaks out, "Mr. White harassed me, but I rejected him. When I refused him again, he stole the money to manipulate me."

"Mom, she's lying! Will you believe this stupid cleaner or your own son?!"


Robert is furious. "Shut up!" grabbing Charlie by the collar, "I don't believe you anymore! I kicked out the wrong person today! You lost my trust forever, Charlie! I can't believe how mean you were to Sophie!"

"Come on, Dad!"

"I'm so ashamed you're my son! Go away, Charlie, pack your bags! You're leaving this house today."

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Charlie leaves. The Whites are left with a heavy silence. They can't believe what just happened.

"Sophie," Robert breaks the silence, "please…"

"No, I'm leaving. Do you think I'm gonna work for you after everything I went through? You are miserable people. And no apology can bring back my trust and respect for you. Good-bye."

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Don't be quick to judge other people. We can't judge others by their appearance, financial status, gender, or whatever reason. Listen, investigate, check all sides of the story. If Sophie had taken the money, why would she return it to them?
  2. Trust is built over time. It's a strong bond yet very fragile. So when someone we love breaks that trust, it's hard to believe, but the reality must be faced.

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