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Daily Joke: Man Is Surprised How Big Things Are in Texas

Daniella Segell
Jul 02, 2021
09:15 P.M.
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Traveling can teach you things about yourself and the world that you would never have found out if you had stayed home. For example, today’s jokes show that traveling can show you how different things are in different places.


We have all heard the rumors that everything in Texas is bigger and better than anywhere else in America and maybe even in the world, but the man in this joke misunderstood the phrase when he visited the state for the first time.

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Common misconceptions can happen from time to time when you’re traveling, but this one was downright ridiculous, and this blind man seems to have been extremely confused about what exactly was going on.

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He arrived in Texas and was shocked about the size of everything. He arrives at his hotel and is escorted up to his room by the bellhop. When he gets inside, he feels the bed and remarks that it is big. The bellhop tells him that everything is big in Texas.

The man then goes downstairs to the bar and orders a drink. When the drink gets to him, he tells the bartender that the drink is big. Once again, the man is told that everything in Texas is big.

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After having a couple of drinks, the man asks the bartender where he can find the bathroom. The bartender points down the hall and tells him to enter the second door on the right. The man does as the bartender says.

However, because the man is blind, he accidentally enters the third door instead of the second door. The third door leads to the swimming pool, and the man falls in. As he comes to the surface with his arms flailing, he screams, “Don’t flush!”

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If you've been to Texas, you'll know that things are bigger there, sometimes even egos. For example, the man in this next joke came from Texas and proved that people tend to respect the big personalities that come with Texas natives.

A cowboy rode his horse into town and stopped off at the saloon for a drink. Unfortunately, the saloon was filled with locals who made it a sport to pick on strangers, which the cowboy was, and so they stole his horse while he was inside.

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When the cowboy went outside and found that his horse was not where he had left it. In a fit of rage, the man marched back into the saloon, threw his gun in the air, caught it, and fired one shot into the ceiling.

The cowboy asked which one of the people in the bar had stolen his horse and when nobody answered, he told them that he wanted the horse back or he’d do what he did in Texas, even though he didn’t want to have to do it.

Cowboy with horse and dog | Source: Pixabay

He had one more drink, went outside, and his horse was back where he had left it. He jumped onto his horse, and as he was about to ride away, someone asked him what he did in Texas. The cowboy replied, “I had to walk home.”


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