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Rich Man Humiliates Fast Food Worker, Regrets It Immediately - Subscriber Story

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 04, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A rich man insulted his ex-classmate who was working at a fast-food joint. But karma made him learn a lesson the hard way, and he regretted his actions soon.


Tom was rich and successful, but he wasn’t so rich when it came to basic manners. He looked down upon people who weren't as wealthy as him and referred to them as “lower class.”

One day, while he was on his way to work, he stopped by a fast-food restaurant. Since he had skipped his breakfast, he was quite hungry and decided to get himself a sandwich and a cup of his favorite cold coffee, with loads of ice and extra whipped cream, just the way he loved it.

But unfortunately, the rich and arrogant Tom had no idea that what started as a regular trip to that restaurant would turn into an incident that would change his life completely…


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It was just the start of the week. Tom walked to the restaurant counter and placed his order. The staff handed him a receipt and directed him to the cashier's desk to pay the bill. As Tom reached the cashier’s counter, he spotted a familiar face.


“He….I think I have seen him somewhere,” he thought to himself and stood at the counter for a while, wondering who the man was. Suddenly, it hit him. “Oh, God! Is that you, Steve?” he exclaimed.

Cashier at a restaurant | Photo: Pexels


Steve and Tom used to be classmates. Steve came from a humble background, and because his father couldn't afford to pay his school fees for long, he had to drop out of school at a young age. He had finally gotten a job at the fast-food restaurant after a long struggle of finding work without a degree.

“Hi, Tom. I’m so happy to see you. How have you been?” Steve asked Tom and greeted him with a warm smile.

But instead of smiling back and greeting him, Tom gave him a strange look and replied, “Oh, I’m doing great, but what happened to you? I mean, just look at yourself! Why are you doing such a low-class job?”

A smiling man in a suit. | Photo: Pexels


Steve felt hurt by Tom's remarks, but instead of retaliating angrily, he humbly told Tom, “Well, I am happy for you, Tom, but just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’ll ridicule others. You never know how life might turn out.”

Tom laughed. “Yeah, friend, as you say. Anyway, get my order fast. I’m getting late. And please, don't send someone else. I'd like you to get my order.”

Seeing how Tom spoke to him, Steve realized there was no point arguing and asked him to wait patiently until the order was prepared.

A cashier looking down. | Photo: Pexels


Tom was about to leave the counter, but then he thought about something and stopped. “Oh, by the way, Steve, I forgot to tell you something,” he said after pausing for a while.

“Yeah?” Steve asked.

“Keep the change with you. You know for people like you, small savings are everything.”

Man in a suit looking down and smiling | Photo: Pexels


At this point, Steve was done being nice to Tom, but he was decent enough not to lash out at him at a public place and create a scene. However, he decided not to serve him the order and asked someone else to do it. But Tom wasn’t done humiliating Steve yet.

“Here’s your order, sir, and this is the change,” one of the staff members said as he placed the food on Tom’s table.

“Why did you bring the order? Where’s Steve?” Tom asked in a rude tone.

“Umm... sir, he’s busy with other orders. Please enjoy the food, and if you have any issues, you can let me know,” the staff member said and left.


A drink and a couple of sandwiches on a dining table. | Photo: Pexels

“That loser, Steve! Does he think he can avoid me? I will teach him a lesson!” Tom mumbled and took out his phone.


He took Steve’s pictures without permission and posted them on Facebook with the caption, “Met a poor guy at a restaurant today. It turns out he was my classmate, lol. His name is Steve, and yep, he’s still a loser just like the school days.”

But that wasn't the end of it. He also posted Steve’s personal mobile number from the cashier’s receipt. Soon, Tom’s post went viral amongst his schoolmates, and some of them started texting Steve.

A hand holding a cellphone next to a cup of coffee | Photo: Pexels


When Steve retrieved his phone to check what was causing it to vibrate so much, he saw a slew of texts from unknown numbers and Tom's Facebook post. He lost his cool and went straight to Tom.

“How dare you?” Steve snarled, “How can you take my pictures without my permission?”

“I can do whatever I want, you loser!” Tom yelled at the top of his voice, and everyone at the restaurant turned to stare at them.

“You’re calling ME a loser? You know what, Tom? You’re the real loser! All you can do is bully people!” Steve retorted.

A man grabbing another man by his jacket. | Photo: Pexels


Thankfully, the restaurant's manager was present at the scene, and he intervened before it was too late. “What the hell is happening here? And why are you yelling at our customer, Steve?” the manager asked.

“Sorry, Sir. I shouldn’t have, but this man...” Before Steve could finish his sentence, Tom interrupted him.

A cafe manager | Photo: Pexels


“Just look at how mannerless your staff is! They don’t even know how to treat customers properly. Make sure you don’t hire such losers next time.”

“Sir, you have the right to make a complaint if you have an issue. But please don’t insult our staff like that,” the manager said.

“Insult? Your staff? You know what ... this whole restaurant is filled with poor losers! I shouldn’t have come here.” Tom shouted and stormed out of the restaurant.

An angry man pounding his clenched fist on a table. | Photo: Pexels


The next day, Tom was called to the CEO’s office. “Yes, finally, I’ll get a promotion,” he thought happily. But when he entered the CEO’s cabin, he was given a termination letter.

“You’re fired, Tom. You’ve violated the 'no bullying’ policy,” the CEO said.

Tom was stunned. “Sir...what? What do you mean?”

The CEO pulled out his phone and showed Tom a video of the restaurant brawl. Someone from the restaurant had uploaded the full video and tagged Tom’s company.

A man holding on to his glasses while looking down and leaning against a wall. | Photo: Pexels


“Sir, please give me another chance, please.” Tom started begging his boss.

“You can leave now and don’t show us your face again,” the CEO told him.

Tom was devastated. He had taken a loan for his house, and he needed money desperately. So, after he went home that day, he began applying for jobs. Months passed by, but Tom didn’t secure a single interview. Finally, he tried applying at a restaurant, and luckily, he got the job.

Tom happily arrived at the restaurant on his first day. Suddenly, he noticed a man in a rich suit entering the restaurant. Tom reasoned that if he could impress the man, he'd get a huge tip. But when the rich man took off his sunglasses, Tom was shocked! It was Steve!


A man in a suit. | Photo: Pexels

“Hi, Tom. I’m the regional manager of this restaurant chain. After seeing my dedication and hard work, I was promoted to this position last month,” Steve said.


Tom was embarrassed.

“Oh, by the way, Tom, I have to tell you something,” Steve continued.


“I was looking at your application this morning on the way to work, and I’m afraid this job is way below your qualification. But don’t worry, I can buy you a sandwich and coffee,” Steve said and left.

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Treat everyone with love and respect.
  2. Unnecessary pride and arrogance won’t take you anywhere.

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