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Dina and Tommy Manzo's Dramatic Love Story, Including Mob Ties and a Scandalous Divorce

Gaone Pule
Jun 30, 2021
04:10 P.M.
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Former reality stars Dina and Tommy Manzo’s dissolved marriage was tumultuous from the onset. Their troubles are never-ending, even after they officially divorced years ago.


Dina and Tommy Manzo's dramatic love story, including mob ties and scandalous divorce, has kept reality show fans on the edge of their seats.

Because of their rocky love story, Dina and her former husband Tommy’s history is repeating itself. The Manzo’s have been forced to deny mob ties once again.

Reality star Dina Manzo visits Cirque du Soleil's "Alegria" at the Prudential Center July 15, 2009 in Newark, New Jersey | Photo: Getty Images


In July 2020, Tommy pleaded not guilty to federal charges of hiring a Lucchese crime family soldier to beat up Dina’s new husband, David Cantin, whom she wed in 2017, a year after divorcing him.

Although Dina and Tommy went their separate ways in 2012, they did not officially divorce until 2016. The former couple did not have kids together.


During the years in between their separation, Dina began dating entrepreneur Cantin. However, Tommy was still much a part of her life at the time.

Federal charges revealed Tommy had allegedly planned and carried out an “assault” on Cantin in 2015. Dina and Cantin were dating at the time, and Tommy was reportedly not too happy about it.


Reports perpetuated that Tommy hired John Perna in 2015 to attack Dina's then-boyfriend in exchange for a deeply discounted wedding reception at The Brownstone.

Tommy has been indicted as an accomplice in the home break-in that occurred in 2017. Prosecutors announced that he had been indicted on charges that included robbery and stalking.

In May, the 56-year-old turned himself into custody and was held pending an appearance at Monmouth County Superior Court.


That same month, he was released from jail and is now awaiting trial on charges of an orchestrated violent attack that took place four years ago.

Dina and Cantin were beaten up by two men wearing masks, and a diamond ring worth $60,000 was stolen from the former "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star, said Caitlin Sidley, an assistant prosecutor.


Since the incident, Dina and Cantin have changed their whole lives based on their constant fear of Tommy. Officials searched his office and discovered documents about the Little League schedule for Cantin’s 8-year-old son.

The searches were done as a way for Tommy to defend himself against a lawsuit that he believed Cantin was planning to file against him.


Tommy and Dina were married for over ten years. When they separated in February 2013, Dina announced the news on Twitter and shared that it pained her they went their separate ways, and they will always share a special love.

Although she announced their separation, they continued to live together with her daughter Lexi whom she shares with her previous husband.


Dina and Tommy’s relationship began on a shaky foundation as he was cheating on her continuously even before they got married. She revealed on a VH1 reality show called “My Big Fabulous Wedding" that he cheated several times.

Even so, she went ahead and married him, but over time, she eventually grew tired of the infidelities. Their wedding had over 600 guests and cost $1.1 million.


The pair are both successful as Tommy is worth $8 million, and Dina, who signed a pre-nuptial agreement before they wedded, is reportedly worth $4 million upwards.

In December 2020, she revealed she would not be returning to the Bravo hit reality show “RHONJ” following their divorce. Dina told FOX 411 that she resides in Los Angeles and does not live in New Jersey anymore.


She explained that Bravo wanted her back for the show’s seventh season, but she made a pass on it. The New York native said reality TV is not for her.

Dina and her sister Caroline became nationwide household names after they appeared on “RHONJ.” Caroline, 59, is ten years Dina’s senior.


The sisters remained on the show for only two seasons, and within that period, their sisterly relationship hit a brick wall and cut communication ties with each other.

Dina's ex-husband Tommy is the younger brother to Albert Manzo, who happens to be Caroline's husband making the ladies sisters-in-law.


The drama between their husbands is said to have caused a rift between them. A month ago, Dina’s friend shared an Instagram post slamming Caroline and her relationship with Tommy by posting a side-by-side image of them with the words “Thick as Thieves.”

Dina commented on the post, supporting it while noting that enough is enough. The social media upload came a week after Caroline voiced her support for Tommy and had even written a letter stating he is “kind-hearted and caring.”


She acted as a character witness for him, and Dina's 25-year-old daughter was also not too happy about it. Lexi spoke out against her aunt for taking Tommy’s side and helping him getting released from jail.

She had witnessed it all unfold in front of her eyes as she also appeared alongside her mom on "RHONJ” and left when she left. Since the show, she forged her own path and is now a businesswoman with her own jewelry line.

In August, Dina updated how Lexi is doing along with the words, "beauty, brains, heart, and hustle." Dina revealed her child is now living independently, working a full-time job with her own business on the side, a jewelry line called Nou Jewels.


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