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Meet Erwin Bach, Tina Turner's Second Husband Whom She Married at 73

Monica Otayza
Jul 04, 2021
01:30 P.M.
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"What's Love Got To Do With It" singer/songwriter Tina Turner only married her second husband Erwin Bach at the age of 73 back in 2013, but the couple has been together for 36 years.


Iconic singer Tina Turner has been with her second husband Erwin Bach for 36 years, but when she first met him, the "Simply The Best" singer was far from imagining she would ever take a chance on love again.

It was 1985, and Turner had relaunched her career, scoring hit after hit from her album "Private Dancer" and "Break Every Rule." She was coming to Europe to promote her latest work, and her European label, EMI, sent a record executive to meet her at the airport – Erwin Bach.



Tina was only rebuilding her life and career after her disastrous first marriage to Ike Turner. In the divorce, she had lost everything except her right to her name and custody of four children.

Turner was also saddled with the former couple's massive debt. She ended up working gigs in hotel lounges and bars, clipping coupons, struggling to put food on the table while she paid off her creditors.



The album "Private Dancer" put Turner where she belonged, on the top of charts worldwide, and on her way to a new solo career that would dwarf the success she'd had alongside her ex-husband. Now, she remains to be one of the most iconic singers worldwide.

After she slowly recovered, it wasn't just her career that flourished but also her love life. 27 years after they became a couple, Bach and Turner married in a lavish but intimate ceremony in their lake-side estate in Zurich.



Coming from an abusive marriage with Ike for 16 years, Tina had no plans of falling in love again. However, she admitted that it was love at first sight when she first met her second husband, then a dashing German music executive who was 16 years her junior.

"He was really so good-looking. My heart [was beating fast] and it means that a soul has met, and my hands were shaking."



Turner and Bach became friends, but soon, the "What's Love Got To Do With It" singer found her attraction growing. So much so that she ended up making the first move and asked him out on a date.

She once revealed through an Instagram post that she took the first step in her second relationship, leaving behind the fear of rejection. She's thankful for her courage now, and she calls it one of the best decisions of her life.



One of the things Turner appreciates about Bach is that he is not intimidated by her fame or success. He is an extremely successful man in his own right, with a net worth of over $50 million.

Admittedly, Bach revealed that for him, his love wasn't instant. When he found out she was interested in him, he paid her a visit to Nashville, which led to another trip to Los Angeles.



Their relationship began in Nashville, and before a forthcoming trip to Los Angeles, Turner made a proposition to Bach that surprised him. She requested that when he went to Los Angeles, they'd make love.

Reflecting on the beginning of their relationship, Turner shared that Bach was "different, so laid back, so comfortable, so unpretentious." They complement each other well, which is why their relationship has stood the test of time.

Tina Turner performing live on stage at Wembley Stadium in London in 1990. | Image: Getty Images.



27 years after they became a couple, Bach and Turner married in a lavish ceremony in their lake-side estate in Zurich. The 75-year-old bride was radiant in a fabulous ethereal black and green Armani gown, and Bach was smitten all over again.

While lavish, the ceremony was still intimate. Among the 120 guests gathered from around the world to celebrate the wedding were Bryan Adams, Roger Davies, David Bowie, Giorgio Armani, Eros Ramazzotti, Sade, Gayle King, and Oprah Winfrey.



Bach has stood by Turner through her health struggles which included a stroke and a battle with cancer. When her kidneys failed and she was put on dialysis, the singer felt it was time to bow out gracefully.

Turner was considering assisted suicide, but Bach refused to consider life without her. He donated one of his kidneys to his beloved wife and gave her the ultimate gift of love: a new lease on life. Now, they're celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary.

Tina Turner has defined her meeting and taking a chance on love again with Erwin Bach as the best thing ever. Thanks to his unconditional love and acceptance, she overcame her painful past and became a happy woman.