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Rich Woman Is Rude to Waitress, Regrets It Later - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 11, 2021
02:15 A.M.
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A rich woman humiliated an innocent waitress throughout the evening. Not long after, she regretted her actions when karma made her learn a lesson the hard way.


Anna was looking forward to her dinner date with Jake. Until now, they had only talked to each other online, and this was the first time she would be meeting him in person.

Anna took special care to ensure she looked her best that evening. She sat in the parlor for nearly an hour and dressed up in a gorgeous black dress that flaunted her curves.

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When she finally arrived at the restaurant, several heads turned. Anna blushed at the reaction, imagining how Jake would react after seeing her, and then walked over to the registration desk.

“Hi, I made a reservation for two,” she told the hostess, “in the name of Anna Mathews?” The woman looked at the reservation list and smiled.

“Oh, Miss Mathews! It’s such a pleasure to have you again. Please follow me...” She led Anna to one of the best tables in the restaurant, decorated with lighted candles and antique dinnerware.

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As Anna took a seat, the hostess asked her politely, “Would you like to order something, Miss Mathews, while you wait for your partner?”

Anna smiled at her. “I think I’ll have some water. Thank you.” The hostess nodded and left.

Meanwhile, Anna took out her mirror and fixed her hair a little. She applied some lipstick and kept admiring herself until her phone suddenly vibrated.

When she picked up her phone to check the notification, she noticed Jake had messaged her. “Oh God, I think he’s finally here,” she thought to herself and held her phone tightly in nervousness and excitement. But as soon as she opened the message, all the happiness and excitement faded away...


Sad woman looking sideways | Photo: Pexels

The message read: “Hi Anna! This is Jake. I’m sorry, but I can’t make it to our date tonight. In fact, I can never date you. I’m back with my girlfriend. But I hope we’ll stay as friends.”


Anna’s phone slipped from her hands and fell on the table. She was dumped in the most public way possible. But she was more concerned about what others would think of her than she was about being dumped.

She had entered the restaurant dressed confidently, and the hostess was aware that she was supposed to meet someone there. If she got up and left abruptly, it would embarrass her even more. But at the same time, she was filled with rage and needed to vent out her frustration.

Angry woman holding her head | Photo: Pexels


Unfortunately, an innocent waitress became the target of her anger that evening. “Hey, you!” Anna signaled to the waitress rudely.

“Yes, ma’am. How may I help you?” the waitress answered politely as she approached Anna’s table.

“Get me a bottle of champagne and the menu, fast!” Anna ordered her. The waitress nodded and brought the menu hurriedly.

Waitress standing with a cake | Photo: Pexels


“Where’s the champagne? Didn’t I tell you to bring the champagne first?” Anna yelled at her.

“Yes, ma’am. I thought I’d take your order and then bring it. But no worries, I’ll get it now.” The waitress dashed over to the kitchen and returned with an ice bucket with champagne in it.

Anna took a sip of the champagne then spat it out on the table. “What the hell is this? Is this what you serve to your exclusive guests?”

Woman drinking champagne | Photo: Pexels


“But Ma’am..It’s the best...”

The waitress could hardly complete her sentence when Anna interrupted her. “Are you answering back to me? Do you even know who I am, you poor creep!” The waitress just stood there silently with her head bowed down.

Anna continued, “I wonder what kind of fools this place has hired. Anyway, I don’t want to ruin my mood because of you. Go and get the menu! And yeah, don’t take your own sweet time. Otherwise, you won’t be seen here tomorrow.”

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The waitress gently nodded and brought the menu to Anna. “What would you like to have, ma’am?” she asked Anna politely.

“Well, get me the chef’s special,” Anna replied coldly.

“Sorry, ma’am, but that’s not on the menu today. Would you like to order something else?” the waitress said.

Anna banged the menu on the table. “What the hell do you think is happening here? First of all, you bring a bottle of dirty champagne, and now, you’re telling me you don’t have what I’m ordering. Do as I say, or you’re fired!”

“Please don't fire me, ma'am. I’ll do as you say,” the waitress said in a shaking voice and rushed to the kitchen.


Waitress looking at the list of orders | Photo: Pexels

Ten minutes passed. Anna was now sitting alone, fiddling with the phone, and thinking about how she’d been dumped. Unfortunately for the poor waitress, this waiting time only added to Anna’s anger, and as Anna realized ten minutes had passed, she yelled at the waitress again. “Hey, you. Where’s the order?”


The waitress hurried over to Anna’s table. “It’s almost ready, ma’am. Twenty more minutes.”

“What did you say? Twenty more minutes? Do you think I’ll wait half an hour for your stupid order?” This time Anna’s voice was louder, and a man at the nearby table turned to her.

“Ma’am, that's because the chef's special wasn’t on the menu today,” the waitress said modestly.

Waitress folding her shirt sleeve | Photo: Pexels


“You, moron...” Anna was about to complete her sentence when the man interrupted. “You know she’s doing her best. It would be nice if you are a little sweet towards her.”

“And who do you think you are to interrupt me? Just mind your own business,” Anna told the man rudely.

“Sir, it’s fine. It’s my fault. I’ll get the order,” the waitress said.

“But I don’t need your pathetic food. Just stuff yourself with that, you idiot,” Anna yelled at her and stormed out of the restaurant.

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The next day, Anna was called to the CEO’s office. “I'll get the promotion finally,” she thought to herself. But when she arrived at the office, she was taken aback. The man from yesterday was standing beside the CEO.

“You?” he looked at Anna in surprise.

“What the hell are you doing here? Did you follow me?” Anna yelled at the man.

“Miss Mathews, do you guys know each other? By the way, this is Mr. Carter. He’s the new head of the department,” the CEO said.

Anna just stood there stunned.

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“It’s nice to meet you, Miss Mathews, but I’m afraid we can’t work together. Because after seeing your behavior yesterday, I believe you lack the ability to treat others with respect.”

“Sorry, Sir. I won’t repeat it,” Anna said, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, Miss Mathews. You won't get another chance to make the same mistake because you've been fired!”

Depressed woman hiding her face | Photo: Pexels


“But Sir…please...” Anna tried explaining, but there was no point. The head of the department requested that she leave the room and never show her face again.

What can we learn from this story?

  • If you do wrong to others, you’ll be punished for it sooner or later.
  • Treat everyone with respect.

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