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5-Month-Pregnant Woman with Two Kids in the Car Enters Military Base without Permission

Dayna Remus
Jul 07, 2021
01:30 P.M.
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When a woman tried to enter a military base without prior authorization, she was met with an unwelcome surprise. She attempted to rally the internet's sympathy, but not everyone was on her side.


A 5-month-pregnant mother of two, Tatiyana Gonzalez, allegedly entered the Mountain Home Airforce Base, in Mountain Home Idaho, without official approval. Her aunt shared a clip that the mom took of the incident.

The video began with an ear-piercing cry from one of the children, followed by a military base guard shattering the window open with his baton. He ordered that she must alight from the vehicle.

Guard holding a baton up and ready to strike. │facebook.com/delilah.chacon.3


The woman replied in anger, stating that she is expecting and he must not touch her. The law enforcement official, Ryan Green, claimed that she was committing a felony.

Gonzalez remained steadfast, asking what she did wrong and claiming that he is not a police officer. They both continued arguing until Green drew the mother out of the car and handcuffed her.


Gonzalez expanded on her interpretation of the incident in the post shared by her aunt. She seemingly implied that she was on her way to fetch her belongings from the base where her now-ex-husband works.

She asserted that while walking to the base, she passed out.

She stated that they had held her in jail on false charges following the episode. Once released, the divorcee said that her ex-husband had agreed to return some belongings to the hotel she was staying in.

Guard looking into a car door. │ Source: facebook.com/delilah.chacon.3


She claimed that he then changed the plan. The mother penned that her ex-spouse told her that she should make her way to the base within twenty minutes to collect her possessions.

Gonzalez stated he had full knowledge that she lacked the needed transport to get there. He also has the children, the divorcee alleged, and the base is now illegally withholding both her possessions and their kids.

Guard standing in front of a car window while holding a baton. │ Source: facebook.com/delilah.chacon.3


The mother asserted that while walking to the base, she passed out, and although EMTs helped her get back to her hotel, she couldn't pay to stay over since her ex-husband had her debit card. She wrote:

"I called a domestic violence hotline and they helped me find a place to stay thank God!!"

The Facebook post's commentators were divided. Some were furious at the guard, while others stated that Gonzalez was wrong to enter the restricted area without the proper authority.

Guard opening a car door. │ Source: facebook.com/delilah.chacon.3


User "u/mdsmds178" posted the video on Reddit, where most commentators were unified in their dislike toward Gonzalez. Many shared the sentiment that she was unwise to enter into the base with no authorization, one expressing:

"It sounded to me like this wasn’t an accident. She purposely drove onto the base knowing she did not have permission."

Others accused her of using her children to garner empathy from the guards to get in. Many of these Redditors referred to her as a "Karen."

Guard standing in front of and looking into a car door. │ Source: facebook.com/delilah.chacon.3


A similar incident occurred recently when a man tried breaking through airport security but was apprehended by one of the guards. The security official had to react quickly and chose to tase him.

He fell to the ground but proceeded to try and physically fight with the guard. It is unclear how the man's case ended, but he most definitely dealt with a lot of pain following the tasing.


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