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Guy Tries to Scare Grizzly Bear Away Using Just These Words

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 06, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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A wild bear slowly made his way closer to a group of people in the middle of nowhere. One brave man stepped closer and tried to scare the animal away with compliments.


Time in the great outdoors left a group of explorers exposed to unexpected environmental elements and dangerous animals. A wild bear approached them from a shallow creek. It made clear and frightening strides in their direction.

Fortunately, their guide was a man with years of bear experience. He instantly jumped into action. With his bear repellent spray out of reach, he had to think and act fast.

Man tries to scare bear away from him and his group | Photo: Youtube/The Bear Necessities



The guide wanted to handle the situation in the best way possible. He had a group of vulnerable people with him, and despite holding a protective weapon, it was not a sure-fire means of protection.

He decided to avoid scrambling and used two simple techniques to address the bear. He raised his voice and told the group behind him to lift their arms. This would make them appear bigger and more threatening from the bear's perspective.



The tone of the guide's voice indicated just how dire the situation was. It was clear that he was panicked and desperately wanted to steer the bear away from them. He initially shouted a few compliments at the bear in a normal voice tone.

However, this soon jumped to a loud and dominating sound. Once the bear refused to back away, the man stepped forward and made it clear that he was the one in control. The video showed just how direct and commanding he made his voice.

Bear slowly approaches a group of people exploring the area | Photo: Youtube/The Bear Necessities



The guide knew that one wrong move could result in an injury or worse. The sub-adult bear's behavior was unusual because it was acting unprovoked. According to the guide, this was "a very curious approach."

The entire experience was unique. The man who had been dealing with dangerous bears and their environment for a decade expressed this and added that in all of his years outdoors, he only needed to use his bear spray once.

Bear slowly approaches a group of people exploring the area | Photo: Youtube/The Bear Necessities



Coming face to face with a wild animal is not at the top of many to-do lists. But if it should happen, there should always be a high level of safety measures in place.

This Youtube video showed life-saving techniques for dealing with bears. One online user commented: "This is actually really useful to see. It really shows the assertion that’s needed to make a bear back down."

Bear slowly approaches a group of people exploring the area | Photo: Youtube/The Bear Necessities



Another couple desperately needed to escape a bear attack in 2015 while walking through the Swedish woodlands. Ralph Perrson, his wife, and their dog came head to head with a large Eurasian brown bear.

The animal charged at them, but Perrson's knowledge about bears thankfully kicked in. He remembered that bears were scared of humans, so he did the only thing he could think of ... he screamed.

A brown bear makes its way through a creek | Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles



Perrson's primal scream caught the bear off guard. The man also raised his arms to make himself look bigger. The conjunction of these clever tactics sent the bear running in the opposite direction.

It was a gutsy move, but it saved their lives. Bears in the area are not known for human attacks, but there is always the possibility that a bear gets startled and acts out. Video footage from these types of extreme bear encounters can help fellow explorers on their future treks through the woods and beyond.


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