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Daily Joke: Man in a Bar Bets His Dog Can Shoot

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 11, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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There's nothing wrong with having a little fun, so long as you know how to keep the game going. The same happened with a cowboy who was almost caught in his bluffing act until something unexpected happened that saved his day.


A saloon had a shooting competition going on, and the cowboy came up with an idea to bring in more customers. He talked to the bartender and sought his permission to make the people believe they had a dog who knew how to shoot.

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The cowboy proposed to the bartender that if he succeeded in convincing the guests, he would promise him free drinks for the night. The bartender agreed but could not decipher how the cowboy would pull off this act and demanded an explanation.

A cowboy sitting in a saloon. | Photo: Unsplash/Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


The cowboy told the bartender that the saloon was in fact constructed over old gallows, and there was a secret trapdoor that was not visible enough for people to see. To convince the people, they just had to place the shooting area on the trapdoor and cover it with a curtain.

He also added that if someone inquired why the curtain was needed, they could simply say that the dog was shy of the crowd. The cowboy explained that he would be behind the trapdoor with a gun pointing out of the curtain, and he would handle the shooting part.


The bartender was absolutely positive that nobody would buy their absurd act, but he eventually agreed. He was convinced with the condition that if anything went awry, the cowboy would take all the blame. The cowboy agreed to the bartender's terms.

Finally, the night of the shooting came, and the saloon was jampacked with people waiting for their turn to shoot. The crowd's excitement was interrupted by the bartender's startling announcement about a dog who could shoot but needed a curtain to cover him up because he was shy.

A wooden rack containing glass bottles. | Photo: Unsplash/Kawasaki Toshihiro


The bartender also said that the dog would get his four turns just like everyone else. As the dog took his place behind the curtain, people broke into peals of laughter and started chatting with each other. Some even thought that it was nothing but a joke until they witnessed the scene for themselves.

After a while, a gun pointed out from behind the curtain and aimed brilliantly at every single target. The crowd was taken aback but continued to cheer as the shooter dog completed his next two targets.


As soon as the dog was about to take his fourth aim, the curtain fell, and out came the cowboy with the gun in his hand. The cowboy started shaking in his boots, fearing the crowd's response to his blunder and thinking about a logical explanation to save him.

Just then, a strong, muscular guy came forward and screamed at the top of his voice: "Hey! Give the gun back to the dog and get back in line, it's still his turn!"

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