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Daily Joke: Local Government Decides to Build a Fountain

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 10, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Today's joke is about a small town in the United States where the local government was all set to construct a fountain. To select the most suitable builders for the job, they started soliciting bids and came across a few interesting interviewees.


Interviewing candidates can be either exciting or tedious, but sometimes, the interviewers can come across instances where they are rendered speechless. One such scenario took place in a small US town where the local government invited bids from potential builders to build a fountain.

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As a result, three builders applied for the job and were called for an interview on the same day. The builders were taken straight to the town clerk's office, where they introduced themselves one by one.


The first builder was from Chicago, the second from Seattle, and the third master-builder came from New Orleans. Once the introductions were out of the way, the town clerk decided to proceed with the candidates' interviews.

The builder from Chicago was the first interviewee, so the town clerk asked him how much he would charge for building the fountain. To this, the builder replied that it would cost him three thousand dollars. The clerk asked the builder to break down the amount for him, and he answered:

"One thousand for me, one thousand for materials, and one thousand for labor."

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After hearing the builder's answer, the clerk asked him to wait outside and send in the next candidate. He then proceeded to interview the second builder from Seattle. The clerk started by asking him how much it would cost to build the fountain.

The second builder answered that he would charge six thousand dollars. Like before, the town clerk asked the builder to give him a breakdown of the expenses. The builder agreed and went on to explain how he would split the amount:

"Two thousand for me, two thousand for materials, and two thousand for labor."


The town clerk told the second builder to wait outside and called the third and final candidate inside. So the third master builder, who was from New Orleans, sat for his interview round. The clerk repeated the same question, and the builder replied that he would charge nine thousand dollars.

Upon hearing his reply, the clerk was curious to find out the amount's breakdown as he was charging the highest amongst all candidates. The third builder eased up in his chair, gave the clerk a cocky smile, and answered:

"Three thousand for you, three thousand for me, and we'll give the job to the man from Chicago."


Here's another joke about a man who built a car using wood. He constructed by the road so that the passersby could have a good look at his masterpiece. Finally, the day came when he was done building his car, and he decided to put it up for auction.

Confident that his car deserved to sell off at a high price, he started the bidding at 2 million dollars. A woman from the crowd disagreed with his pricing strategy and beckoned: "Isn't that a little too high for something made of wood?"


The man heard the woman's disagreement and responded at the drop of a hat: "Well, what if I tell you that it can reach 220 mph and go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds?" A guy from the crowd was astonished to hear about the car's massive performance and said, "Wow, all that from something made of wood?"

Once again, the man was ready to respond and replied cockily: "Yeah, what do you expect from a Lumberghini?"

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