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Fans Overjoyed After Todd Chrisley Shares Video of ‘So Evil but Funny’ Prank on Son Chase

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jul 07, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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Todd Chrisley knows how to delight fans with his regular tricks on his son Chase. The reality star dad was at it again in a recent media upload where he successfully pulled a perfect prank on his son.


Reality star Todd Chrisley was at his gimmicks again in a recent Instagram update where he was filmed scaring the daylight out of his son, Chase Chrisley. Although fans thought it was "evil," they all admitted that the prank was super hilarious.

The TV star was filmed holding a bucket of ice-cold water and looked over a balcony while the camera view was panned to film Chase lounging on a floater with his pals at the pool. Todd then emptied the entire content on Chase's chest.

Todd Chrisley visitsed "Extra" at Universal Studios Hollywood on July 18, 2017 in Universal City, California | Photo: Getty Images



Everyone in the video let out screams of laughter at the successful trick. Fans in the comments section were not left out of the fun, as they praised Todd for his creative prank style.

One fan shared several laugh emojis noting that they enjoyed the clip and watched him a number of times. Another fan noted that it was evil but funny. One follower could relate as they shared that they had pulled such a prank too.

A screenshot of fans' comments on Todd Chrisley's Instagram post | Photo: Instagram/toddchrisley


Someone shared that they loved Todd's spontaneity that he expressed through crazy and "full of love ideas," which he pulls with his family members. Another admirer exclaimed while calling Todd wild.

The Chrisleys have a firm conviction in their Christian faith.

A screenshot of fans' comments on Todd Chrisley's Instagram post | Photo: Instagram/toddchrisley



This is one of many times that Todd has pulled a prank on his young adult son. One time when the star dad dipped into his bag of tricks, he and Chase had been on a trip.

While the 25-year-old laid in bed trying to catch some sleep, Todd quietly walked in as the camera filmed him tiptoeing towards Chase. He pulled back the covers and shook his son vigorously.


The TV personality was so startled that he stared for a few minutes trying to figure out what happened. All the while, Todd's head fell back as he burst into laughter.

Last year, the showbiz star pulled another feat of trick following his episode with the novel coronavirus. Towards the time of Todd's recovery, he pulled another prank on Chase.


He showed off his trick on Instagram in a video where he stealthily walked in on Chase, who was in the bathroom. The bathroom water could be heard running as Chase was busy taking his bath.

However, the "Chrisley Knows Best" star suddenly pulled back the shower curtain and had Chase fretting. The camera slightly revealed Chase's untanned backside, and fans had a good laugh.



Both Todd and Chase are pranksters, and they have pulled quite some shows at different times. However, the pair also gets to show off the lovely father-son relationship between them.

"Chrisley Knows Best" primarily revolves around TV patriarch Todd's relationship with his children and how they navigate different events within the family. Chase, a lifestyle entrepreneur, has his dad's zest for ambitions and his sense of humor.


Outside of their funny moments, the pair are pretty supportive of each other. More often than not, Todd is there for his son when the young man faces challenges in different areas of his life.


The Chrisleys are a TV family, and while they keep it real on the TV screen, there are some areas the camera doesn't always cover. The Chrisleys have a firm conviction in their Christian faith.


Another area is the family's financial troubles. Todd is a self-made multi-millionaire, but he faced bankruptcy issues in 2012 when his debts culminated at a whopping sum of $49.4 million.

The family has been shrouded in drama, and such was the time when Todd's oldest daughter, Lindsie, shared that she felt like the family outcast. She also accused her dad and brother of threatening her to reveal the family's tax issues.