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'Karen' Demands That Kids' Tree House Be Destroyed, Their Dad's Response Is Brilliant

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 09, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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When this father received a complaint about the treehouse he had built with his sons, he was devastated. They tore down the special project, but the father made sure to respond with a clever letter for everyone to see.


A father spent hours assembling a tree fort with his sons, their efforts came tumbling down. This was required after an unidentified individual, referred to as "Karen," complained about their structure.

This forced the family to bid farewell to the treehouse. However, the dad was not happy to leave things there, so he left a note for "Karen" to prove how trivial the complaint was.

Father leaves letter for a rude neighbor who asked his kids to tear down their treehouse | Photo: Twitter/nypost, Shutterstock



The family decided to erect their little tree fort in 2020 to pass some time. They had been spending many hours indoors, and this outdoorsy project would get them in touch with nature again.

They were excited to have fun in their little home in the trees, but sadly, this joy was short-lived. "Karen" swiftly decided to raise a red flag and reported them to the homeowners association. These actions ultimately ruined their ideal garden haven.

A treehouse in the middle of a backyard | Photo: Pixabay/Ben Faist



The father was disappointed to see his children's treehouse come down. So he made sure to express his thoughts in a letter which has since gone viral.

He conveyed that the irritation "Karen" had with the treehouse was completely unwarranted. In the letter, he sarcastically stated: “Don’t worry, you’re safe now! Your act of casual cruelty was successful."



The letter also alluded to the consequences caused by this busy-body neighbor. The kids were now forced to spend their time watching television and ultimately miss out on the beauty of a childhood in the mud and leaves outside.

Reddit users sided with this dad and were quick to condemn "Karen's" actions. One user also encouraged this father to oppose the fickle complaint. They said: "Dave, Fight back. Don’t let the Karen win ... Don’t let the children down."

A treehouse in the middle of a backyard | Photo: Pixabay/Ben Faist



Many of the users also shared their own terrible experiences with the homeowners association. The consensus was that they often enforce completely unnecessary rules.

It turns out that complaints occur between neighbors regardless of whether there is a homeowners association or not. Leona Palmer, a mum-of-three living in Burbage, Leicestershire, received a letter for noise complaints from the people living next door.

A cabinet displays a file of complaints | Photo: Shutterstock/ESB Professional



The letter condemned Palmer's family for their "unbearable" noise levels during a party in April 2020. The party in question was for her triplet sons' eighth birthday. Regardless of inviting only a handful of guests, Palmer's neighbors were furious.

In their typed letter were various accusatory statements. One line stated:

"Whilst we appreciate children can often get excited and might at times be noisy, but it is the constant shouting and screaming that we cannot endure any longer."

Man's hands can be seen as he writes a letter | Photo: Pixabay/Free-Photos



Palmer was shocked by these claims. This was the first complaint her family had received since they moved into the neighborhood three years prior. Since receiving the attacking letter, no further action has been taken.

Perhaps Palmer will respond similarly to the witty father who sent out his own letter to defend his kids and their treehouse! Regardless, communities would be friendlier places if people remembered what it once meant to be "neighborly."