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Arrogant Boy Insults Pizza Delivery Guy, Regrets It Later - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 12, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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An arrogant boy insulted the pizza delivery man for failing to deliver the correct order on time. Not long after, he regretted his actions when karma made him learn a lesson the hard way.


Sixteen-year-old Trent was rich, handsome, and obviously the most popular boy in his school. His dad ran a shady business with the help of politicians and brought in a lot of dollars home every month. His mom, on the other hand, was a top corporate executive in a renowned IT firm.

Naturally, Trent never missed out on anything. But sadly, Trent's parents were so preoccupied with minting all those dollars that provided them with a nice lifestyle that they never paid attention to what Trent was up to behind their backs. They thought if they offered the best facilities to their child, he would turn out to be the best.

But Trent was a complete contrast to that belief. He was one of those kids who would skip school and use his parents' false signatures for attending parties and chilling with his friends. Today was no different. Trent was supposed to be at school, but here he was, busy playing Xbox with his friends, Kevin and Sam.


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“Hey, Sam, we’ve been playing for about an hour. Aren’t you hungry?” Kevin asked, placing a hand on his stomach.


“Honestly, I am. In fact, I am quite hungry,” Sam replied. “What about you, Trent?”

“Same, man! I’m starving,” Trent replied in a low voice. “Shall we order something?”

“Oh, yes! Let’s have a pizza party! I’ll have pepperoni,” an excited Kevin replied. “Me too, me too,” Sam joined him.

“Ok, so pepperoni it is. With two large cokes and extra cheesy fries! Perfect?” Trent asked.

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“Cool, go for it,” Sam replied. “But wait, what about the bill? How much is it per head?”

Kevin sighed and rolled his eyes. “Seriously, Sam? Why are you so bothered about money all the time? Chill, it won’t be that expensive. Plus, we have Trent. If the bill is too much, he’ll figure something out.”

Trent smirked. “Our little Sammy still needs to learn a lot, Kevin. He’s still a child.”

Sam just gave them a weird look and remained silent. Meanwhile, Trent called the restaurant and placed the order.

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Half an hour passed, but the pizza didn’t arrive. The boys finally thought they’d cancel the order and place another one when the doorbell rang. “Oh, I think he’s here finally,” Trent sighed and went to open the door.

“Good morning, Sir. Here’s your order,” Kareem, the pizza delivery guy, said with a friendly smile.

“First of all, you’re late. Second, don’t give me that nasty smile,” Trent replied rudely. “In short, I don’t want to see your ugly face. Just give the order fast and get the hell out of here.”

“Sorry, Sir,” Kareem said modestly. “It took a while because it was my first day at work. I won’t repeat the mistake.”


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Trent laughed. “Do you really think I’m going to let you go so easily, you pathetic loser? You’re late, and I’ll make sure I give you negative feedback. Now give the order here.” Trent snatched the order from Kareem’s hand and started checking it.


Suddenly, he screamed at the top of his voice. “What the hell, you idiot!”

Kareem got scared. “What happened, Sir? Is everything alright?”

“Alright? You moron! I ordered pepperoni!” Trent glared at Kareem. “And what the hell did you bring? It’s anchovies. I hate anchovies!”

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“Sorry, Sir. I’m really sorry,” Kareem said in a stammering voice. “I’ll go and get the right order. Just give me 10 minutes.”

“You better do that!” Trent said and threw the entire order in front of Kareem on the ground. Kareem didn’t say anything. He silently picked it up and rushed to the pizza store.

Unfortunately, Kareem was late again because he got stuck in traffic. By the time he reached Trent’s house, his heart was racing faster. He knew Trent would lash out at him. At one point, he thought he’d just leave and tell his boss that he couldn’t find the address and ask someone else to deliver the order.

But then he remembered his mother who was in the hospital, waiting for his son to pay her medical fees. If he ruined his first delivery, his salary would be reduced. So, he took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.


Delivery man knocking on a door | Photo: Pexels

Trent opened the door. “You loser! What’s your excuse this time for being late? You knew the address well this time, didn’t you?” he told Kareem angrily.


“Sorry, Sir. It was the traffic. Anyway, I’m just five minutes late, Sir.”

“What did you say just now? JUST FIVE minutes?” Trent glared at Kareem.

“Sir. I’m sorry. I mean, yes, I’m late. I’m sorry,” Kareem replied and stood silently with his head bowed down. In the meantime, Trent checked the order. Thankfully, it was the right one.

Man in a face mask receiving a pizza delivery | Photo: Pexels


“Okay, okay. No need for apologies and all. It’s the right order, so I’ll let you go. But I won’t pay you,” Trent said.

Kareem immediately looked up. “Sir, please don’t do that. I really need the money. My mother is admitted to the hospital. You can’t do that just because I’m five minutes late, Sir.”

“What the hell? Did you just answer me back? Do you even know who my dad is?” Trent told Kareem angrily. “If I said I wouldn’t pay you, I wouldn't.”

With that, Trent slammed the door on Kareem’s face. Kareem kept begging him that he really needed the money and pressed the doorbell again, but it was of no use. Trent didn’t even bother to open the door.


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Later that night, while Trent was watching TV, he saw his dad’s workplace in the news. The authorities had raided his father’s office, and he had been arrested. This word spread like wildfire in Trent’s mother’s office the following day, and she was sacked for being the wife of an illegal businessman.


To make matters worse, the bank confiscated their property and froze all their accounts. Trent was now homeless, and in order to not starve, he had to look for a job. However, because he was still a teenager with no qualifications, the only job he managed to get was that of a pizza delivery boy.

Sadly, after living a reckless life all this while, Trent was not used to getting up on time, and he ended up being late for his first delivery itself. However, he somehow placed the order quickly at the first doorstep for the morning. But then, he heard a voice from behind, “Excuse me, it’s the wrong order!”

Trent was scared. So, he didn’t raise his head. He simply stood there with his head lowered and said, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll get the right order.”


Person in a white shirt holding a stack of pizza boxes | Photo: Pexels

“Well, buddy, you’ll get fired one day if you’re late for your deliveries. Do you realize that?” the man told him modestly.


“Fired? No, no, please don’t complain.” Trent got scared and immediately looked up. To his surprise, he saw the man was none other than Kareem.

“You?” he asked, surprised.

“Oh, God. It’s you. Aren’t you the one who insulted me that day?” Kareem said and looked at Trent in surprise.

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“Yeah, it was me,” Trent replied, embarrassed. “I know you’ll take revenge now. But please, don’t complain. I need the money.”

“Who told you I’d complain?” Kareem said. Trent was surprised. “What? What did you just say?”

“I won’t complain. I’ll take this order, but make sure you’re careful the next time,” Kareem replied.

“But why would you let me go? I insulted you that day.” Trent asked, shocked.

“Because you are still a teenager. As you grow up, you’ll realize that hatred might not be the best way to sort things out. So, here’s the tip. Make sure you do the job sincerely.” Kareem replied and then closed the door.


That day Trent realized how wrong he was to insult Kareem. So, before leaving, he rang the doorbell again and apologized to Kareem.

What can we learn from this story?

  1. Sometimes things can be sorted out patiently and with love rather than hatred. Trent realized he was wrong for insulting Kareem, thanks to Kareem’s kindness.
  2. Treat everyone with respect. Despite Trent’s rude behavior, Kareem never disrespected him.

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