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Daily Joke: Man Waits After Death to Go to Heaven

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 14, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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After dying, a man waited to be transported to heaven. However, excitement got the better of him, leading to consequences he did not see coming.


After a man died, he and Death had a conversation. The man asked Death what would happen to him after his passing. Death told the man that he was good while he lived on earth.

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Hence, the man would go to heaven, where he would enjoy eternal youth and do whatever he wanted and have whatever he desired.

Death further said that he needed to speak with St. Peter to get the necessary paperwork for the man's trip to heaven, leaving the man in his office.

Man on his way to heaven | Photo: Pixabay

While the man was alone in Death's office, he started thinking about all the possibilities of being in heaven. He imagined eating all the delicious food he ever craved and driving the best cars he never drove. He also fantasized about being a carefree child again.

As the man got carried away by his thoughts and let the excitement get to him, he started playing in Death's office. When Death returned, he saw the man bouncing on his sofa.

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He was angry and asked the man what he was doing. The man said he was enjoying himself. He was about to finish speaking when the sofa he was bouncing on tore open.

The man fell all the way through. This angered Death the more, and he screamed, asking the man if he knew how costly the sofa was. Death also said he had to go back to earth to get a new couch. The man apologized.

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Death asked him to get up so they could start the journey to the afterlife. When they arrived at their destination, Death asked him to go inside and get instructions from the people within.


As the man walked in, Satan welcomed him to hell. The man was confused and argued that he was told he was going to heaven. He also said there was a mistake.

However, Satan told him that was not the case and added, "You see, in life, you were a good man. However, in death, you behaved recklessly and with no consideration for the reaper's cushions."

Clouds making a stairway in heaven | Photo: Shutterstock

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