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Daily Joke: Man Dies and Appears at the Pearly Gates

Daniella Segell
Jul 05, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Arriving at the gates of heaven might seem like it will be a blissful moment, but there might be a hoop or two to jump through before you get to walk through the gates and experience heaven in all its glory.


One man learned and applied this lesson perfectly, even though what he did next may not have been exactly ethical. Who said that the hoops have to be the same for everyone? Each person has their own strengths, right?

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A man arrives at the gates of heaven after having passed away. He is dazzled by the beauty and approaches the angel standing at the gates. The angel welcomes him and tells him that they have been waiting for him.

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The angel is eager to let the man enter the gates and get into heaven but explains that everyone must follow the same procedure when they get to heaven to be allowed to enter.

The man says he understands and is ready to do whatever he needs to do. The angel explains that each person must spell a word given to them by the angel. If they spell the word correctly, they get to enter. If they misspell the word, they will not be allowed to enter.

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The man accepts the challenge and asks the angel what the word is that he needs to spell. The angel replies that the word that he needs to spell is “love.” The man smiles and spells the word. The angel tells the man that he is welcome to enter.

However, as the angel is about to open the gates, he gets a phone call and tells the man he has some serious business to attend to. He then asks the man if he can watch the gates and tell any newcomers to spell the word to get into heaven.

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The man agrees and waits at the gates. Suddenly, the man’s wife appears at the gates. The man is shocked and asks what she is doing there. She tells him that after his funeral, she was driving home and was hit by a bus.

He says that he is sorry she passed away in that way but that he is happy to see her. He then tells her that she must spell one word correctly to get into heaven. She agrees to this and asks what the word is.

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Her husband replies, “Otorhinolaryngologist.”

It is not always easy to get into heaven, but it sure does help when you have had an honorable career and done all you can to help the people around you have a better life. These policemen experienced this firsthand.

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The first policeman arrived at the gates of heaven, and St. Peter welcomed him by asking what he did for a living. The policeman explained that he was a vice officer who kept drugs out of the hands of children. St. Peter let him through.

The second policeman arrived and had a very similar experience. He was asked what kind of policeman he was on Earth, and he told St. Peter he was a traffic officer who ensured the roads were safe for travelers. St. Peter was pleased and let him through.

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The next policeman who came up had the same experience as the last two and was asked what kind of officer he was. The man said he was a military policeman. St. Peter was pleased and replied, “Excellent! I have to go to the bathroom. Please guard the gates.”