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Daily Joke: Retired Army General Disturbs His Neighbors' Sleep

Laura Beatham
Jul 14, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Retirement is supposed to be a relaxing and joyous time. However, the neighbors of a retired General were annoyed by how he chose to enjoy his retirement!


A retired General moved into a new apartment after his service. Over the next few weeks, his new neighbors realized that the General would go out, drink, and return home drunk at 2 am over the weekends.

Each time, they heard him get ready for bed as he would loudly remove his left boot and slam it on the floor, and then remove his right boot and slam it even harder on the floor.

A pair of black boots. | Photo: Pixabay/eyal yassure


The thunderous sounds echoed through the building and would wake everyone up. The dogs would all start barking, and all of the babies and young children would start crying.

Eventually, the complex residents decided they would go to his home and confront him. So they walked over to his apartment and knocked on the door.


When the General opened the door, a brave resident said, “Mr. General. We wanted to welcome you to our apartment building and thank you for your service to our great country.”

The general nodded and said, “Thank you.”

The resident continued, “We realize that after all the hard work you put into your career, that you want to relax and enjoy your retirement.”

“Okay?” the General responded questioningly.

“Well,” said the resident, “Could you please stop slamming your boots down each night when you come home from your nights out? It wakes everyone up and scares all the children.”


The General was extremely apologetic and understanding. He promised his neighbors that he would not slam his boots in the middle of the night. The residents were happy that he was so understanding.


The next weekend, when the General returned from his night out, he removed his left boot and slammed it on the floor. “Oh, is that what they were complaining about?” he thought.

He carefully took off the second boot and gently placed it on the floor. Then he got ready for bed and went to sleep. However, 30 minutes later, he was rudely awakened by banging on his front door.

He opened the door, and all of his neighbors were standing outside his apartment. One of the residents finally said, “General! Can you please slam your second boot so we can all get some sleep?”

I guess you could say the residents were waiting for the other shoe to drop! Want another joke? Check out this joke about another retired gentleman who decided to buy a home near a school.