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Daily Joke: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Spot a Flock of Sheep While on a Train

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 17, 2021
09:15 P.M.
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Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, took a train and noticed a huge flock of sheep. After some minutes, Holmes would say the number of sheep and how he arrived at the figure, to the amazement of Watson.


One day, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were on a train together when they passed a large flock of sheep grazing in a field. Due to how fast the train was moving, the sight of the sheep quickly passed out of view.

Watson exclaimed that the sheep were plenty | Photo: Shutterstock


Surprised by the great number of sheep they saw, Watson wondered how many were in the flock. To Watson's amazement, Holmes revealed that there were 167 sheep.

To this, Watson replied, "Holmes, are you telling me you managed to count them all in that brief moment?" In response, Holmes explained that he counted the sheep's legs and divided them by four.


Sherlock Holmes arrived at Baker Street just in time to meet Watson heading out of the door and asked where he was going. Watson replied that he had a date with Ella from the vicinity, who left him a note about their meeting point.


Watson bade farewell to Holmes and went to meet his date. After thirty minutes, the former returned and noticed the latter sitting in his chair and smoking a pipe.

Surprisingly, Holmes quipped, "I expected you back ten minutes ago, but close enough. I've left some dinner on the table for you. It should still be warm." Holmes' statement came as a shocker to Watson, who requested to know the reason behind his thoughts.

Holmes noted that after Watson left, he thought about why Ella would want an older man of his assistant's caliber. After some moments of pondering, he looked at the letter and noticed it was addressed to 212b, not 221b Baker Street.


Amazed, Watson said the address was that of Terry Farnell, and Holmes replied that Ella wanted to go on a date with Farnell and not Watson.



One day, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were solving a mystery. Immediately, Holmes concluded that all the bodies were outside the school gate. Perplexed, Watson asked how he knew because it was not evident.

Holmes pointed to the ground, noting that he could see the blood that must have compacted around the bodies, forming some shapes. Next, Watson asked his boss what else he knew and Holmes replied, insinuating that the bodies were dragged inside the school.


Again, Watson asked Holmes how he came to that conclusion, and the latter said, "Elementary my dear Watson, a squeaking noise was heard earlier, and that would come from the rubber shoes of the people as they were being dragged along."

Stunned, Watson asked Holmes about his other ideas concerning the situation. In his reply, Holmes said he knew that the people who were killed could not be rich.

Furthermore, it was a public school, so the students and their parents were not wealthy. Finally, he revealed that the killing was not made for money.


Surprised, Watson admitted that even though it was not a private school, the environment was well kept and had a big courtyard area, a sports field, and colorful classrooms.

Then he asked Holmes what type of school it was if it was not a private school. Holmes replied, "Elementary, my dear Watson."

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