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People Shoot Music Video with a Stranger's Car, Owner Shows up with His Reaction

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 15, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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A man captured three people who decided to use his car parked in front of his house in their music video without asking his permission. His reaction is hilarious.


A musician and his crew picked a stranger's car as the appropriate prop for their music video without asking the owner's permission, and they were caught red-handed in the middle of their shoot.

The car owner took out his camera to capture the ongoing filming of the music video by his car from his balcony, and he evidently found the ordeal hilarious as his contagious laughter can be heard on the video's audio.

Screenshot of people making music video. | Source: reddit.com/ContagiousLaughter



After filming the musician and the girl dancing in front of his car for a few moments without getting noticed, the vehicle owner unlocked it with his keys, and the sound the car made had them turn around and realize he was watching them.

The man was stunned to have been given a $40,000 car, brand new with no milage.

Continuously laughing throughout their interaction, the owner asked the strangers why they were dancing in front of his car without asking his permission first, which resulted in some inaudible answers and excuses on the part of the music crew.



After having their music video paused for a few minutes, the owner of the car they were using eventually tells them that they need to ask his permission before they can continue.


The singer, the girl dancing, and the cameraman all proceed to ask the man if they can use his car, and he gives in, telling them that they are allowed to make use of the outside of his car.

Screenshot of video showing people shooting the music video. | Source: Reddit/ MintyMinh



After the owner gives his permission, the crew doesn't hesitate for a moment before continuing with their singing and dancing to complete their music video project.

The owner's footage from his balcony was posted to Reddit and went viral, with more than 65,000 views and thousands of comments. The users found the exchange hilarious as one wrote:

"I love how they carried on, zero shame, after man gives them the permission. Hahaha"

Screenshot of man sitting in his new vehicle. | Source: YouTube/ Lucas and Marcus



This isn't the first video to go viral showing individuals messing with other people's cars. YouTubers Lucas and Marcus made a video that has reached more than 19 million views showing them destroying other people's cars.

The two brothers approached strangers in cars and offered to give them a brand new car if they would allow them to wreck their vehicle. After a few people turning down the offer, they finally met a man who was willing to go through with the deal.


Lucas and Marcus ruined the man's car by pulling off the bumper, kicking off the mirrors, and jumping on the hood. a few moments later, a brand new car pulled into the next parking bay, which was the stranger's new wheels.

The man was stunned to have been given a $40,000 car, brand new with no milage. He became emotional as he jumped into his new car, amazed that he had traded in his old one for this new one.