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Roshanak Hannani
Jul 17, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A horrible woman insulted a man at a store who wanted to buy the same couch she did, but she ends up regretting her actions in the most surprising way.


One day, Robert noticed that his trusty couch was getting pretty old and decided to start saving for a new one. Unfortunately, he lost his job after his former employer's company went bankrupt and hadn’t been able to find anything permanent in this market.

He was still saving up, but it proved to be much harder than he imagined without a full-time position. Luckily, his old couch survived a few more months before breaking apart. Robert was handy, but this was beyond repair.

Robert decides to browse furniture stores | Source: Shutterstock


It was time to visit the stores. He thought he had enough saved up for something decent. Sadly, most of the sofas at the local furniture store were out of his price range. All he could afford was an armchair, but that wouldn’t do in his opinion.

“Sir, if I may. There’s a thrift store a few blocks downtown that might have something better for your budget,” the kind salesman told him. Robert thanked him profusely and drove down to that shop.

The salesman was right. This place had several options, and Robert found the perfect one. But it cost all the money Robert had saved up. So, he paused to think about it for a second while the saleslady at this store waited.


It was the perfect couch | Source: Pexels

Meanwhile, a woman walked into the store and greeted the saleslady.

“Anna! Do you have anything good for me today?” she asked the saleswoman.


“I’m busy with someone else, Mrs. Anders. Let me get Jose to help you. Excuse me, sir,” the saleswoman said and left to get the other salesperson at the thrift store.

Mrs. Anders looked around the store and suddenly stood next to Robert admiring the couch.

Mrs. Anders stood next to Robert looking at the couch | Source: Pexels


“I’m sorry, Mrs. Anders. Jose has just left for his break. Let me finish up with this gentleman, and I’ll help you today,” the saleslady said when she returned.

“No matter. I want this couch,” Mrs. Anders said. Robert looked up in surprise. She wanted the same couch he was thinking about buying.

“Oh, excuse me, ma’am. I’m going to buy this couch,” Robert explained.

“No, you aren’t. You’re standing there doing nothing. I’ll take it,” she responded arrogantly.

Robert tried to explain that he was going to buy the couch. | Source: Pexels


“Mrs. Anders. The gentleman is right. He was here first and was considering his options. But he decided to buy that couch just before you arrived. I can show you some other great options you’ll love,” the saleslady offered.

“No. That won’t do. This couch is perfect for restoration. I’m going to make it better and resell it. I’ll offer you double the price for it. How about that?” Mrs. Anders said.

The saleslady hesitated for a second. “Girl! Why are you thinking about this? This loser can’t even afford a cheap couch,” the rude woman said. “He shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time when he has no money.”

The saleslady hesitated for a second. | Source: Pexels


The saleslady looked at Robert apologetically. He couldn’t offer her the same deal, and she was forced to ring Mrs. Anders up.

“I’m sorry, sir. But I couldn’t decline that deal. Mrs. Anders knows my boss and would’ve told him that she offered twice for it. He would’ve fired me on the spot,” the lady explained regretfully.

“I understand. Don’t worry. It just seemed like the perfect couch for that price. I shouldn’t have hesitated,” Robert said.

The saleslady showed him other options | Source: Pexels


“I can show you other options that are a bit cheaper. You might end up liking another one even more and paying a lot less,” she offered.

“That’s great,” he answered. Together, they walked around the store, and Robert saw that Mrs. Anders was still looking around. The saleslady showed him several sofas that would also be great, and he finally chose another one.

“That one is perfect. I’ll buy it,” Robert said quickly, in case Mrs. Anders came around and decided to buy this one too.

Another great couch | Source: Pexels


“Do you need our delivery service?” the saleslady asked while ringing him up.

“Oh no. I have a pick-up truck. I can take it with me right away. I just need some help loading it to my truck if that’s alright,” Robert replied.

“No problem. Jose is back, and he can help you,” she answered.

Jose came out, and together, they heaved the couch up. They started walking towards the exit, but something fell from the couch with their movement, and Robert noticed something shiny on the floor.

Robert and Jose heave the couch up | Source: Pexels


It was a ring! “Oh, that fell from the couch. It must have belonged to the old owner,” Jose said.

“Do you know who this couch belonged to? I could try to return it,” Robert asked. The saleslady approached him, and Robert noticed that Mrs. Anders was also paying attention to them.

“Danielle, this ring fell from the couch with our movement. Do we know who owned this couch before?” Jose asked his fellow salesperson.

The ring that fell from the couch | Source: Pexels


“No. We don’t keep those kinds of records in this store,” the saleslady answered. “Sir, you’re the current owner of the couch. This is yours too, then.”

“But it’s a diamond ring, ma’am,” Robert said, stunned. The saleslady shrugged, and that’s when Mrs. Anders made her presence known once again.

“That’s not fair. He can’t keep that ring! My sofa didn’t come with a ring!” Mrs. Anders bellowed.

Mrs. Anders got angry | Source: Pexels


“Ma’am. Couches don’t come with rings. This gentleman here was just lucky and bought the right couch today,” the saleswoman told Mrs. Anders, who was visibly green with envy.

Robert and Jose finished loading his truck up. He waved goodbye to the salespeople and went home. The following day, Robert went to a pawn shop and exchanged the ring for a considerable amount of money, which helped him get by until he found a new permanent job.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Don’t be rude to others. Mrs. Anders thought she could be rude to others because she had more money. But she lost the great lucky bargain in the end.


2. Your luck can change at any moment. Robert kept his cool, picking another couch despite the woman’s rudeness, and was rewarded in the end.

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