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Daily Joke: 3 Men from an Airplane Made 2 Children Cry and 1 Child Laugh

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 19, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about three men who were aboard a plane. Each of them had a unique weapon, and after wielding them, the men got some reactions from three kids.


Three men were on a plane, and each of them had a weapon. The first guy had a spear, while the second guy had a grenade. The last guy had a bomb in his hands.

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After flying for a while, the first guy aimed his spear and threw it out of the plane, and immediately, he put on his parachute and jumped down. When he reached the ground, he met a child crying.

The three men each released their weapons then jumped off the plane. | Photo: Shutterstock


He asked the child what happened, and the child told him that a spear hit his dog and killed the animal.

Following the first guy, the next guy also threw his grenade and got his parachute. He used it to jump off the plane, and landed where the grenade had exploded.

He also met a crying child, and after asking the kid what happened, the child replied that a grenade killed his cat.


Finally, the last guy looked down from the plane, perfected his aim, and released the bomb in his hand. After waiting for its impact, he wore his parachute and jumped from the airplane.

Like the two before him, he made a safe landing at the exact location where the bomb had gone off. However, he observed that a house had blown up and right in front of it was a laughing child.

Confused and surprised by the child's amusement, he asked the child why he was laughing. The kid replied, "I farted, and my neighbor's house blew up!"



A support group was created for parents who had lost their kids. Many people in the group had touching stories that included terminal illness and birth complications.

A man was there every year to share his story. | Photo: Shutterstock


The support group was a way for these parents to deal with their pain and grieve. However, there was a particular man who attended every year for years. Each time he was there, he would talk about how his kid would have been a year older.

He joined the support group every year on the same day. During the fifth year, the man went to the support center and met many parents. He listened to many people's stories.


He was attentive until it got to his turn. He looked sad as he once again repeated what he often shared, that his child would have been a year older. This time, his child would have been five years old.

Everyone felt deeply sorry for him and tried to comfort him. A particular attendant noticed that the man's face was familiar as he remembered that the man had been a regular at the support center.


He called him aside and asked him to share his story more than just saying the same thing every year. According to this attendant, the man would feel better if he would open up more.

"What exactly happened to your child?" the attendant asked.

And the man replied, "I used contraception."

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