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Man Opens Canned Drink With a Crocodile's Teeth

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 21, 2021
08:30 A.M.
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A Florida local took things to the extreme when he used a crocodile's teeth to open his canned drink. His friends cheered him on, but some netizens think there might be consequences to these risky actions.


July seemed like the perfect month to exhibit dare devilish behavior, according to a man from Florida. Instead of using a bottle or can opener, he decided to obtain the help of a nearby reptile.

In the video, the man evidently did not care too much about the potential threat of the animal in front of him. He proceeded to bump the can against the crocodile's teeth.

A Florida man leans over the water to get closer to a crocodile | Photo: Reddit/ayushpjamas



The group of people surrounding the man was visibly intrigued by what he was doing. They cheered and looked on as he approached the crocodile. Other spectators could also be seen taking videos of the "excitement."

Soon enough, he successfully used the reptile's teeth to open a drinking beverage can. Instantly, the people around him offered him praise for this brave trick. However, there were a few people who questioned his actions.



The comment section of this clip was divided. A cohort of people laughed at these actions and called it "Florida men being Florida men." However, another side of the debate was filled with concerned commentators.

They raised a slew of potential health hazards and consequences. One user predicted: "And then [he] got an infection from the rotting meat on the gator's teeth." Many others echoed this comment.

Florida man uses crocodile's teeth to open a canned drink | Photo: Reddit/ayushpjamas



A few people pointed out that these actions were harmful to animals and wildlife in general. A user advocating for the crocodile also shared their sentiments. They expressed that the actions captured in the video were prohibited.

Their comment said: "This is extremely illegal in Florida. Hope they get fined and jail time, honestly." The man in the video was also fortunate to walk away from his dangerous stunt unharmed ...

Florida man taunts crocodile to get the animal to come closer to the dock | Photo: Reddit/ayushpjamas



Crocodile attacks have been on the rise around America, and not everyone is lucky enough to escape the wrath of these scaly reptiles. In 2013, a Kalumburu resident spotted a man off of Western Australia's coast on Governors Island.

By chance, Don MacLeod saw the New Zealand tourist's light. The tourist, who had been in the area to explore and kayak, is said to have been trapped on the island for two weeks. Reportedly, this was because of a 20-foot long crocodile.

A crocodile hides in water and only lifts its head slightly above the surface | Photo: Pexels/Kelly Lacy



The creature had allegedly been stalking him, and consequently, he feared leaving his safety on land. The man had been rationing his food and water in hopes that someone would come to his rescue soon—thankfully, MacLeod did!

This was purportedly not MacLeod's only crocodile rescue attempt. He also assisted another man whose boat was destroyed by a crocodile. As people journey deeper into uncharted wildlife, they will continue to bump into these and other animals.


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