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Daily Joke: Three Friends Living On an Island Found a Bottle with a Magical Genie

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 21, 2021
01:45 A.M.
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Three friends were on an island, and they needed to get off it. After a while, the three friends found a lamp, and after rubbing it, a genie jumped out. The genie said it would grant them one wish each.


The first guy immediately came forward, requesting a boat so he could get off. After his utterance, there was a swishing sound, and a boat appeared. He wasted no time getting on it and paddled off.

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The next man also came forward, asking the genie to give him a jet ski, and almost immediately, a shiny new jet ski appeared. He immediately hopped on it and drove off. He also overtook the guy with a canoe.

The last guy watched his friends in disbelief as they both zoomed off. The genie informed him that it was his turn, and he replied: “Just give me a million dollars, I’ll take the bridge.”

The next man also came forward, asking the genie to give him a jet ski. | Photo: Getty Images



A man from primitive times walked into a library in search of who would teach him how to survive and make climbing ropes. When he reached the counter, he explained what he wanted to the librarian.

The librarian ushered him towards the computer and asked him to open Firefox. The man got up and went to the window. He looked around and stepped out of the library.


The librarian was surprised by this but went about his duties. At nightfall, but before the librarian closed for the day, he noticed someone calling from outside and saw smoke coming out as well.

He went towards the window to see what was happening. There, the primitive man stood looking disheveled with a roasted animal. The librarian asked what was happening, and the man replied:

“You told me to open fire a fox."



Three friends were stranded on an island that was 90 miles from the shore. The guys were there for weeks, and they wanted to get out of there.

The first person was tired of waiting, and he got into the water. He swam 25 miles before drowning. The next person jumped in and swam through the water. He swam up to 40 miles, and he also drowned.

The last person observed for a while before getting into the water. | Photo: Pixabay

The last person observed for a while before getting into the water. He swam for a while, covering 50 miles, and he got tired. Immediately, he turned around and swam back to his starting point!

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