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Daily Joke: Little Boy Can't Sleep Because of the Sounds from His Closet

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 22, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Little Johnny's family had just moved to a new home in a new city, and he was very excited to explore the new place. His parents had told him he would have his own room, and he could not wait to find it and start unpacking his things.


They arrived in the morning, and the little seven-year-old quickly found his room and proceeded to set out his toys. The afternoon passed with the family putting the essentials where they were needed, and evening saw them sitting down to dinner.

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Source: Shutterstock


Afterward, Johnny's parents ushered him into bed, tucked him, and kissed him goodnight before they left the room, turning off the lights. He lay still and quiet as he let his imagination roam free, but after some minutes, he heard a faint whisper.

He could hear it, but his young mind could not figure out what was being said, so he assumed it was just the wind kicking up outside his window. However, that did little to stop him from getting nervous, so he decided to listen once more to see if he would hear the sound again.


Some minutes passed, and he was about to give up when he heard a louder sound. This time, it sounded like someone was smacking their lips softly, as though eating something. Again, the noise came from his closet.

In response, the boy burrowed deep within his blankets and called for his parents, who came running within seconds. Upon their arrival, the father asked what was happening while the mother quickly wrapped him up in her arms. The boy replied,

"I hear something in my closet!"


His father looked at him seriously for a moment before dismissing the notion, explaining that it was probably the plumbing. That calmed little Johnny down, and he started to drift back into sleep within his mother's safe embrace.

When she thought he was well asleep, she gently returned him to his bed, wished him a good night, and quietly left the room with his father.

Johnny was aware, of course, but he felt heavy and sleepy, so he could not bring himself to care; sleep was just around the corner. His eyes drifted shut, and his mind had started to empty when he heard a wispy voice saying, "I'm gonna get ya... I'm gonna eat ya..."


His heart immediately picked up the pace, beating as fast as battle drums as the little boy realized that the words were drifting out of his closet.


He steeled himself and listened for another few seconds to make sure he was not making things up, and surely the voice came again saying exactly the same thing. Now certain there was a voice, Johnny yelled for his parents, who once again came running.


His mother once again wrapped her arms around him, and his father asked what was wrong, so he told them something was in his closet. His dad was about to berate him when they all heard the voice from the closet.

Both parents exchanged worried glances, and the man quickly armed himself with his son's baseball bat before he moved towards the closet to see what was making such utterances.


As he moved closer, the words seemed louder until the man started to expect that he would meet a thief there. So he took a few steps closer, reached for the doorknob, and kicked the door open quickly to reveal a young ghost picking his nose.

"I'm gonna get ya... I'm gonna eat ya..."

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