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Oprah and Jennifer Hudson Stun in Red Matching Dresses in Rose Garden ahead of Aretha Franklin Biopic 'Respect' Release

Olawale Ogunjimi
Jul 21, 2021
04:50 P.M.
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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey and award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson looked dazzling as they twinned in red dresses while strolling in a rose garden, discussing Aretha Franklin's soon-to-be-released biopic titled "Respect."


Aretha Franklin may be gone, but her works and other memories will forever remain in the hearts of many. She was first a preacher's daughter, a leading voice of the church, who rose to fame owing to her unique and melodic tunes.

The iconic singer not only thrilled millions of fans across the world with her voice but was an activist who clamored for civil justice, especially for her fellow African Americans.

Aretha Franklin performs at The Fox Theatre on March 5, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images


Popularly called "The queen of soul," Franklin's impact in the entertainment industry and the black community is impressive, and it remains on the lips of music lovers, including celebrities and fans.

Her biopic "Respect," a title similar to one of the singer's hit songs of the 90s, is set to drop in August. The talented singer and actress Jenifer Hudson, who played an onscreen Aretha Franklin, had a heart-to-heart talk with media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey, a renowned media personality and the owner of the Oprah Winfrey Network "OWN," stunned fans during the interview because she donned a matching colored outfit with her guest.


She rocked a flowing and loose red dress, along with a brunette wig, as she walked close to Hudson in a fitted red midi dress and fringed curly hair.

The image was shared by Hudson and later the interviewer, with both women urging fans to watch the interview on OWN. Winfrey's caption read:

"Tonight I sit down with Jennifer in my rose garden to discuss how she was able to transcend herself and DO. THAT. THING."


The network later shared sneak peeks of their discussion via its Instagram page. Both women appeared comfortable in each other's company, and the actress explained that she had to understand her era and Franklin's to perfectly play the role.

That was not all; Hudson admitted that she settled in the role seamlessly due to her affiliation to the church. Like the deceased, she sang in the church as a young girl and still fixes the church as the base and core while singing.



While speaking about the biopic, the media mogul praised Hudson regarding her performance and ability to play the music legend perfectly in "Aretha Franklin."

The actress admitted that it was a tasking job, but she did things following the instructions from her mind and how Franklin would want it done.


Winfrey asked if she auditioned for the role, and the celebrity admitted that during one of her stage performances on the BET Awards, with the legendary singer in the front row, she intended to impress. She added:

"When you give me the opportunity, I will make it work."


The "Respect" actress sang her heart out, Franklin noticed the unique voice, gave the nod to the performance, and the deal to play the role was sealed!

Hudson stated that the icon had asked her about taking the lead role in her biopic and challenged the younger singer to winning an Oscar for the character fifteen years ago.


Both women established a connection nearly after meeting for the first time, although Franklin has always been the actress's role model and the blueprint of her career.

Through their friendliness, Hudson was determined to give her best. While learning the ropes of being an onscreen Aretha Franklin, she was consistent and determined in learning the piano, taking choreography classes, and mastering her songs on camera and remaking them.

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