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Daily Joke: Building Worker Jumps from 10th Floor and Returns to His Co-workers Unscathed

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 24, 2021
01:40 A.M.
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A new worker started working on a construction site, and on his first day, he was greeted by his new workmates. After meeting his teammates, he went straight to the roof to begin working.


The new worker wanted to give his best possible shot on his first day, and soon he was completely engrossed in his work. While he was busy working diligently, one of the workers on the site met with a somewhat unexpected incident.

Thoughts of the building worker. | Photo: Shutterstock

Thoughts of the building worker. | Photo: Shutterstock


Apparently, the other worker was picking up a pile of bricks, and suddenly, he missed the ground and stepped off the edge of the building. Consequently, he fell 10 stories, but fortunately, he landed safely and unharmed at the bottom.

After experiencing a massive fall, the worker took the elevator to the top of the building and got busy working. None of his co-workers were surprised or even concerned at what he had just undergone.

On the other hand, the new worker was stunned by what he had just seen, so he walked over to the other worker and appreciated his brilliant performance. As soon as the new worker was done singing his praises, the worker replied,


"Nah, mate, it's easy. There's a wind tunnel that slows you down so you can't get hurt; give it a go."

The new worker was amazed by the other worker’s performance. | Photo: Pexels/Los Muertes Crew

The new worker was amazed by the other worker’s performance. | Photo: Pexels/Los Muertes Crew


The new worker was excited to repeat the amazing stunt for himself, and after talking to the other worker, he quickly walked over, stepped off the edge of the building, and fell 10 stories. Unfortunately, unlike the other worker, he smashed into the concrete dead.

"Ahh, you're quite absurd Superman!" remarked another worker watching the scene.



One day, the members of the newly-formed Justice League were busy giving their introductions to each other. The jubilant DC superheroes decided to introduce themselves one by one by stating their most unique set of attributes.

"I'm Superman. I can fly, move at super speed, and have super strength," stated Superman happily.

"I'm Batman. I'm the world's greatest detective, master of many martial arts, and have gadgets that can do almost anything," said the Caped Crusader.

"I'm Green Lantern. My emerald bling can create constructs of anything I can imagine," added Green Lantern.


"I'm Wonder Woman. I have super strength, can move at super-speed, and have a lasso that compels people to tell the truth," said Wonder Woman.


"I'm the Flash. I can move at super-speed, phase through solid objects, and even travel through time," replied the Fastest Man Alive.

"I'm Aquaman. I'm super strong and can communicate with aquatic creatures."

After the six DC heroes were done giving their introductions, the only one left was Green Arrow. So he paused for a brief moment, steadied himself, and said,

"I'm Green Arrow; I tell cars when to turn left."


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Sources: Reddit.com, Upjoke.com

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