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Uber Driver Asks Passenger for Extra Tip Because She's Carrying a Mini Fridge

Bettina Dizon
Jul 31, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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A TikTok user went viral after capturing an incident with her supposed Uber Driver asking for an extra charge because of the 61-pound mini fridge the passenger had.


Everyone undoubtedly has to make a living and get through life by working to make ends meet. However, being compensated and charging clients or customers fairly should always be the case.

A TikTok user recently went viral after posting footage of her experience with an Uber driver. In the short clip, the passenger, who goes by the name Dolly, explained that her Uber driver wanted to charge her extra money for having a mini-refrigerator on hand.

Screenshot of a TikTok user and her Uber driver. | Source: tiktok.com/@dollyisyummy



While negotiating with her Uber driver on the side of the road, Dolly told her followers: “This guy is asking me for a tip because he’s an Uber XL, and he doesn’t want to take me because I have a mini-fridge. He wants a little something extra in order for his troubles.”

While the driver’s words were inaudible, it was clear that he refused to give Dolly a ride without the extra charge, despite her claiming that the mini-fridge was tiny and only weighed 61 pounds. She said:

“If you don’t want to take me, then be my guest, cancel, and I’ll get somebody else to come pick me up.”


A man pulling money out of his wallet. | Source: Shutterstock


Although she did not agree to the extra charge, Dolly asked her TikTok followers if she was wrong for refusing to pay and if the Uber driver was acting appropriately.


While there’s a stigma about cab drivers being too picky with their passengers, some drivers are also very kind.

Several comments unanimously agreed that the driver was wrong for charging extra, especially since Dolly requested an Uber XL to cater to her baggage. "That's so wrong because you literally ordered an Uber XL just for it," one user said.



Another taxi-related incident happened to a woman in Cheltenham, UK, after three cab drivers refused to give her a ride. According to all three, the distance was too short, and they did not want to line up for the taxi queue again.

Agata Cybulska, the passenger, even offered the second cab a fare twice as much as her original. Still, he refused. The woman did not feel safe walking the streets alone in the middle of the night, so she informed the Cheltenham street safety group, and they gave her a ride.

Licensing team leader Louis Krog said that “Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse a fare if the journey starts and ends within the district, irrespective of how short a distance a fair may be.”


Several cabs lined up at night. | Source: Shutterstock


The same situation happened in India several times that officers dressed as civilians had to roam around and catch taxi drivers who refused to accept passengers with short-distance destinations.


According to senior officials, their tactic has proven effective insofar as disobedient taxi drivers are concerned. However, some officers find difficulty in penalizing drivers because of their disguise.

A police car cruising through the street. | Source: Shutterstock


While there’s a stigma about cab drivers being too picky with their passengers, some drivers are also very kind. In a story sent by a subscriber, a taxi driver showed his kind side when a passenger left her baby in his car.

According to the woman, her partner was an abusive man, and she could no longer take care of the child. Although already old, the driver was able to come up with a way for the baby to live comfortably.

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