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Daily Joke: Texas Man Puts Flowers around His Car after a Flat Tire

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 26, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A Texan was driving down an isolated road when his car suddenly had a flat tire. He pulled off on one side of the road and jumped out of his car to examine the affected part.


Then he left the car, walked down a hillside, picked up a bunch of wildflowers, and went back to his vehicle. He placed a generous amount of the flower in front and behind his car.

A flat tire will soon lead to a weird conversation | Photo: Shutterstock


After doing this, he went back into the car and sat down. Minutes later, a passerby drove past and noticed the scene. The driver got curious and decided to have a look, so he drove back and parked in front of the Texan.

The concerned fellow stepped out of his car and asked what the fuss was all about. The man then told him that he had a bad tire. After the curious man heard this, he wondered what all the flowers were for and asked the man about it.

A Texan with a flat tire and no idea what to do | Photo: Shutterstock


In response, the Texan turned to the man and shrugged as he explained that he didn't really know why but it was just something people did. The Texan said:

"When you break down, they tell you to put flares in the front and flares at the back! I never did understand it either."



One day a Texan farmer decided he wanted to check out his friend's Vermont farm. As he got to Vermont, he asked his friend how big his farm was. From where they both stood, the Vermont farmer raised one hand and pointed to a far distance.

He explained that the big bush ahead of them was one end of his farm. He pointed to another direction over a barn. He continued to show the Texan his extensive land as he pointed up a distant road. He also noted that where they stood was the fourth corner of his land.

Two farmers discussing the size of their farms | Shutterstock


The Vermont farmer gave his Texan friend a moment to process the information he gave him before he asked about his own farm.

The Texan looked at him and excitedly explained that if he left one end of his farm in his car at about 6 am, he would get to the other end of the farm at about dinner time if he drove all day.


With the details he provided, the Vermont farmer just turned and smiled. He placed one hand around his friend's shoulder and said to him in an amused tone:

"Yeah. I had a car like that once."


If you enjoyed this joke, you might find this one even more hilarious. It is about a city person who lives on a farm with a mule that had huge ears. There was an issue with getting the mule into the barn.

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