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Daily Joke: City Slicker Who Lives in a Farm Has a Mule with Ears That Are Too Long

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 07, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a city slicker who resides on a farm with a mule with big ears. The farmer had difficulty putting his mule in the barn.


A city slicker who newly moved into a neighborhood was trying to get his mule in a barn, but the mule wouldn't enter. The mule had oversized ears which prevented his entry.

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As the city slicker tried to no avail, he decided to create more room by lifting the top of the barn door. All the while, his neighbor, a farmer, was watching the scene from a distance.

The neighbor then came to him and asked what the fuss was all about. The city slicker replied and told him that his mule had huge ears and every time he tried to get him in the barn, his ears hit the top of the barn door.

A photo of a mule in a farm | Photo: Shutterstock


The neighbor who observed the whole incident suggested that the mule's owner remove the dirt below the door. But the city slicker shook his head and said:

"Are you crazy? It's his ears that are too long, not his legs."



In Montana, the Montana Wage and Hour Department accused a small ranch owner of not paying his employees the required wages. The department sent a representative to interrogate Mr. James.

The representative demanded that Mr. James present the names of his employees and a list of their payments. Mr. James' reply showed that he had a cook, a ranch hand, and the half-wit.


His cook earns about $500 every week, plus free room and board. The ranch hand makes $600 weekly with a free room and board. The half-wit, on the other hand, earned $10 and paid for his room and board. The representative then said:

"That's the guy I want to talk to, the half-wit."



A salesman was traveling at about 30 miles per hour along a country road when he noticed a three-legged chicken running down the same path. The man increased the speed of his vehicle to about 50 miles per hour.

Surprisingly, the chicken kept up its pace. After traveling a mile, the chicken ran into a barn behind an old farmhouse. The salesman was in no hurry, so he decided to see what happened.


The curious man drove into the farm and knocked. A farmer opened the door, and the salesman explained what he had seen. The farmer told the surprised salesman that he was a geneticist and was responsible for the chicken's form.

The farmer explained that he and his family loved eating drumsticks when they had chicken. The farmer's words showed that with a three-legged chicken, he, his wife, and child could each have a drumstick when they killed one chicken.

The salesman was thrilled by the idea and asked the farmer how a three-legged chicken tasted. The farm replied, "How do they taste? I don't know. We've never caught one."