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Cinema Worker Reveals Major Secret about the Sizes of Popcorn You Can Buy There

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 29, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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A cinema worker shared a big secret about popcorn on TikTok, and the clip has gone viral. His reveal of the quick and easy way customers are scammed when buying a bucket of popcorn surprised many viewers.


In a clip that has been viewed millions of times, an apparent cinema worker shared an inside secret about the industry. As he acted out the scenes for the online community, the sneaky trick was clear to see.

The TikToker pretended to be a customer in the clip and asked the cinema worker for a small-sized popcorn. However, he changed his mind after seeing just how small the portion was and asked for a medium-sized serving instead.

In a viral video a man acts like a customer to show people how they are scammed out of popcorn at cinemas | Photo: Tiktok/thatcoolguy.25597



Next, the cinema worker was seen as they simply emptied the contents of the small-sized bucket into the medium-sized one. They did not add any more popcorn into the bucket, despite charging more money for it.

The TikToker then said: "This is the same size as the junior. Can I just get the junior? Y'all are trying to scam me." The viral clip has now been viewed close to 8.5 million times, and users had a lot to say about it.



Many upset people voiced their criticism of what cinema outlets were allegedly doing. Users flooded the comment section with some sharing their disbelief, asking: "What????????? Seriously"

Another user was just as perplexed and expressed their disproval:

“Feel like this should be illegal. If I’m paying for a bigger size, I should be getting a bigger size.”

In a viral video a man acts like a customer to show people how they are scammed out of popcorn at cinemas | Photo: TikTok/thatcoolguy.25597



Users pointed out that cinemas were not the only place that implored this sneaky technique. One netizen explained that a similar thing happened with McDonald's milkshakes and their sizing.

Another user echoed this sentiment when they shared: "Y'all Starbucks too. Literally, it's half an inch difference between grande and venti."

In a viral video a man acts like a cinema worker to demonstrate how employees scam customers with popcorn bucket sizes | Photo: TikTok/thatcoolguy.25597



While cinemas and food and drink chains might scam their clientele, there are also a few clever tricks that customers can implore. The butter popcorn hack has been a favorite online since it went viral in June.

TikTok user Colleen Lepp’s viral video showed users how to get more out of their buttered popcorn experience the next time they visit the cinema.



She explained that while she loved the snack, she disliked that the butter only covered the top half of the popcorn. She proceeded to share a simple hack that her aunt taught her when she was a kid.

In the clip, Lepp said:

"So I use a plastic straw all the way down in the popcorn bucket to get the butter to the very bottom and all the way through. It takes a minute lining it up, but once you do, you are good to go."

In a viral video, a woman demonstrates a hack on how to get butter to the bottom on the popcorn box | Photo: TikTok/colleenlepp



Many users adored her trick, while others expressed that they had been doing it for years. The love for popcorn was clear, which would explain why this easy-to-make snack has its own national day on January 19 every year.

Popcorn is also Illinois' official state snack and has been since 2004! Thanks to the internet, netizens now know how to avoid being scammed out of one of their beloved snacks whenever they visit the cinema.

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