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Daily Joke: Man Goes into Store but Security Guard Stops Him

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 30, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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It was a cool Friday evening at the mall, and the regular activities were going on. The late afternoon rush was over, customers were coming in, purchasing their essentials, and exiting accordingly.


The mall attendants who had a long day were resting at their duty post, casually watching customers go about their business. Because it was close to the end of the day, not many people were at the mall.

Something's about to go down and the customers don't know it yet | Photo: Shutterstock


An old couple was bargaining over the price of beef at the far corner while a mom and her daughter walked around the aisle pushing a cart. Three teenage girls stood at the candy aisle, deciding on what to pick. There was another man trying to get a loaf of bread for his family.

But suddenly, everyone was jolted by a crashing sound coming from the parking lot outside. A man had driven into the mall and hit a cart with its contents scattering all over the place.

While everyone tried to process what was happening, the man reversed, almost colliding with two cars parked behind him. He also did not see the signpost in front of him and nearly rammed into it.


Everyone inside the mall watched him, all confused as to why there was so much commotion. After the man parked his car properly, he got out of his vehicle, dusted off his shirt, and walked into the mall.


At the entrance, a security guard quickly approached him and prevented him from moving further. While he was still trying to ask what was wrong, an attendant observed he was not wearing a mask, and she said:

"Sir, you will need to put on a facemask."


The man exclaimed in realization and replied, "Oh shoot, almost forgot, thanks." He rummaged through his pocket for his face mask. The man put on the mask and signaled the attendant with a thumbs up.

His next move had everyone in the mall launching into panic as he reached into his jacket, brought out a gun, and shouted: "ALRIGHT, EVERYONE HAND OVER YOUR WALLETS!"

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